Friday, July 9, 2010


I Cant believe it's already the 9th of July and I have not blogged ONCE! I have a lot to catch you up on...

Well, lets start with the 4th of July weekend. First of I cannot remember such a bad weather 4th of July...ever! It rained all weekend. We had invited all of Julie's family up for the 4th. I was going to bbq chicken and corn. Ended up having to cook everything on or in the stove. Making for a hot house with lots of extra body heat as well.

We had a surprise visit from my relatives also. Brenda, Kevin, Amy, Lila, baby Kevin and his great grandma went to Clearwater for a short vacation. The girls and I met them Thursday night for dinner at Crabby Bills. Friday we went to the Aquarium, then they visited Saturday with us. It was nice to see them. Although, Avery and Emerson were angry when Lila was leaving. Neither of them would give anyone a hug or kiss cause they were mad that she was leaving. I think they would pack their little bags and move in with Lila if they could.
Baby Kevin and his mommy, Amy:

One of Emerson's favorite things is to water color. I discovered this when we would go to swim lessons. The instructor has a little girl the same age as the LGs and she has water colors and sea shells on a table. EVERY. TIME. we go Emerson makes a bee line to the table and water colors until I make her head to the pool. So the other day I bought them some water colors and Emerson will sit for hours and paint paint paint. She has also taken to painting herself....Thankfully the paints are washable so it comes off really easy.

Here is one of her master pieces:

Just cause Avery's so darn cute in this pic:

There was break in the rain so we thought we would try some fireworks. We had about the same luck as we did last year. The girls were scared to death of them. Before we set any off though Uncle Randy opened up the back of his truck for the little people to sit on. We were trying to get them to do the hear no, see no, speak no evil and it was a huge FAIL cause when you would tell one to put their hands over their eyes they would all do it. It was like a failed game of Simon says.
This is the best we could get:
Here is what happened when the first (and last) fireworks went off:

Nana came and stayed the weekend. This made the LGs VERY VERY happy. Emerson make a full body print on Nana's lap. She was Nana's cuddle bug all weekend.

For dessert the kids had cup-cakes and it cracks me up when they hit the sugar coma. This is a video that I had to watch twice before I saw what Emerson did when she dropped the little trinket that was the cup-cake topper she was using as a utensil to eat the icing.

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