Friday, April 30, 2010

Things To Be Thankful For...

Last weekend we went to a Teddy Bear Tea Party. It was hosted by our local Mothers of Multiples club. It was about the cutest thing I have ever seen. All the moms dressed their kids in their Sunday best and brought their teddy bear to a fancy tea party complete with real china. Only 2 pieces got broke too! I think that should be on the news!

Nana had bought them these dresses and I loved them, but for the life of me could not think of where we would go that was fancy enough for them. This fit the bill perfect!
The girls before we left for the tea party

We sipped cold peach tea and ate finger sandwiches with our teddies and then played at the park. It was a great time.
Emerson sipping tea
The group shot (as best I could do with what seemed like millions of twins running around!)

When we got home and was putting the girls down for their nap we were saying the things and people we are thankful for. Emerson for the first time decided to add her own in. They were; Swings, Tea, Slides, Cheese, and Shoes. I must agree those are some of the things I am grateful for too!
I take the girls to Gymboree play once a week and they love it. Emerson especially loves Gymbo he is this little clown mascot thing that they take out at the end and she is smitten. I am kind of creeped out by him, but whatever. Well, someone brought a Gymbo doll with them to the tea party and Emerson was stalking it.
Emerson stalking Gymbo

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lying For Her Sister Already?

I'm getting trained to teach Newborn Care and Breastfeeding Classes for Healthy Start. Tonight was my first night of training. I had a sitter come to watch the girls till Julie got home. I wanted to make sure they were awake before I left so they knew I was leaving. This was a new sitter and the last time they woke up and neither Julie or I was here they FREAKED even though it was a sitter they LOVE.

Being woken up from their nap did not make them happy and they FREAKED when I left. Lily was able to eventually calm them down by just leaving them alone and sitting down reading one of their books. They eventually wondered over and sat down with her to hear the book. This makes her a genius in my book!

When Julie got home Lily told her that they had freaked out when I left and what she did to calm them. Julie said to Avery, "Did you cry?" "Yes." Julie looked at Emerson and asked her the same question. Emerson said, "No". Julie looked at Lily and she nodded yes. So Julie asked Avery, "Did Emerson cry?" Avery looked at her sister and Emerson gave her a look that would kill and Avery said, "No"...OMG did a 2 and a half year old just Lie for her sister????

Julie had to go to the doctor today cause she hurt her knee really really bad. She got home and had a leg brace on so she doesn't bend her knee. She was trying to explain it to Avery. She was telling her about how it keeps her leg straight and telling her about the velcro that keeps it together. The sitter said, "Your mom has a big boo boo and that's a really big band-aid." Avery said, "thanks!" Score one for the sitter!

Later in the evening Julie was telling them where I was. She told them that some mommies have a hard time giving their babies gawk and Mommy is helping them learn how to give them gawk. They were riveted. Emerson asked, "MY GAWK?" She was apparently worried I was giving away her "gawk"

When Julie was getting them ready for bed she let them pick out their own pj's they wanted to wear their fleece footed jammies....Julie tried to reason with them that this is Florida and it's hot. Footed pajamas are not going to be comfortable for long. They insisted and about half an hour later they both started screaming "I HOT!!!!"

Monday, April 12, 2010

Trellis Guy, Per Julie's Request...

While we were at the beach enjoying ourselves Emerson took a biscuit with her out to the water. I was filming cause I was SURE she would get attacked by seagulls. While that did NOT happen what did happen was something very random...

Ay Chiwawa...What A Great Weekend!

We had a busy and fun filled weekend. Julie finally had the weekend off so I think she was wanting to make the most of it after working two week ends in a row.

We started out the weekend by having a weenie roast in the back yard Friday night. Then Saturday we bought some flowers at Lowe's to plant with the girls. Saturday night we packed up some fried chicken and headed to little beach to fly kites and eat dinner. Sunday morning we planted our flowers, then headed over to our friends house for lunch and swimming. See, we were BUSY!

While at the beach we met some very cute little (big to the LGs) girls. I showed them all about hermit crabs. They were afraid of them at first. A few minutes in and they loved them. One of them took one to show her sister and when her sister saw it she screamed. The little girls told her to, "Calm DOWN!" this apparently left an impression on the LGs cause they recounted it over and over and over again. Avery would do a blood curdling scream and Emerson would yell, "Calm DOWN!"
Can you believe I have never flown a kite?
It was soooo much fun!

While we were planting our flowers Avery wanted more water in her watering can and how she said "I more water." sounded just like "Ay chiwawa."

Avery doing a great job of watering the flowers:
Emerson watering the sidewalk...
Sunday we headed to Katy, Pam and Graham's house for play time and lunch. The kids played in a kiddie pool, then we ate lunch and headed to the big pool. In the kiddie pool the kids were jumping and throwing themselves into the pool. We all concluded that if we did this we would have to call 911 and have an ambulance take us to the hospital...where we might not make it. The kids on the other hand had not a scratch!

They splashed so much the pool had to be refilled.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Busch Gardens

Last week out of no where a friend texted me and asked if we wanted to join her at Busch Gardens for the day. I had nothing on the calendar for that do so WHY NOT!?!

The girls had a great time. I got us an annual pass so we can go whenever we want. They have a new Sesame Street area. The nice thing about this new attraction is there are a few rides that the girls can actually ride! There absolute favorite was this swing ride they could ride all by themselves! The totally loved it...they do have a passion for swinging.

For the first time ever they stood close enough to a costume character to have a picture taken! This has NEVER EVER happened before. Usually they are very excited at the thought of the Easter Bunny, Santa, Santa, Santa...I tried to get a picture with him like every day before Christmas. Never did it happen however.

The Cookie Monster and Abbie Cadabby were there and they cooperated. Maybe this Christmas I will get that elusive Santa picture! Did I mention they have never seen these characters?? Gonna have to start watching Sesame Street so that they have some frame of reference!

We will be making good use of our passes!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Individuality...Who needs it???

Apparently not the girls...As I mentioned in my last post Avery has taken to saying, "Help US!" even when it is just her. I keep trying to explain that when it's just her that needs the help she should say, "Help ME!" Alas, my efforts are in vain.

This morning Emerson knew I was getting their clothes out to get them dressed. She came in and made sure I knew EXACTLY what outfit she wanted to wear. Then she wondered off. Avery came in so I grabbed the dress I actually wanted them to wear and Avery was happy to wear it. When I grabbed Emerson to dress her she was NOT willing to wear the dress I had picked she wanted the outfit she had picked. I thought, ok, well they can wear totally different outfits today. Got Emerson dressed. When Avery saw her sister she started taking off her dress and grabbing the other outfit that matched her sister! She insisted on wearing it. So much for that!

While Im on the clothes discussion... the girls have these dresses that are the same but in a different color. The other day I was dressing Avery first and let her pick which color she wanted to wear. Usually I let Emerson pick cause she cares and Avery doesn't and I am usually dressing E first for some reason. Well, when E came in and saw which dress A was wearing she pitched a fit. She wanted to wear the one that Avery was wearing. I told Avery she got to pick this time and Emerson was just going to have to live with it. Emerson was pulling on her sisters dress and crying like the world was coming to an end. I kept having to pull her off of Avery. Avery was watching her sister and suddenly started pulling on her dress as if she was trying to pull it off and saying, "sister". She wanted me to put that dress on her sister. SO SWEET!

Easter Weekend!

We went to grandma's house for Easter. We left Friday and visited Uncle Kevin, Aunt Brenda, cousin Amy and he baby Kevin Saturday. Grandma and I took the girls to Borders Saturday morning. When I went to pay for the stuff that I was buying for some reason both the girls stood up in their chairs. Emerson started singing and Avery started dancing...They really do live to have a good time no matter where they are. Oh, and just so's you know Emerson can't sing to save her life!

Sunday we planned to do the egg hunt at 4pm. I had invited Brenda to bring Lila to the hunt. They unfortunately got there too late for the hunt but just in time for the photo-shoot! Avery LOVES Lila...then again tonight she told me she loves wawa (water). To say she loves things is her new thing...that and holler, "Help US!" even when it's just she that needs the help. Here are some of the photos from the sugar extravaganza that is a matter of fact I think Emerson ate more chocolate Sunday then she has consumed in her entire life.
Avery decided to wear after her nap Saturday:

Emerson had to work for this egg!

Avery with chocolate face:

Cameron shared his eggs with Emerson:

Uncle Kevin and Baby Kevin:

Uncle Cush was the favorite toy Saturday!
Giving baby Kevin some love!