Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Busy weekend!

Holy crap we had a busy weekend!!! It's Wednesday and I am still recovering from the fun.
Saturday we packed a lunch and went to the park the LGs and I had a great time...I wish I could say the same for Julie, but she was a complete butthead the whole time. I kept thinking "wow, Julie is in SUCH a bad mood..." Then on the way home I see her rubbing her shoulders and she says, "Damn, I don't have on a patch.". THANK GOD!!! That explains it! She is not aloud to leave the house the rest of the weekend without a "patch check". Here are some pictures from the park.

When we got into the car Avery brought one of her dolls with her. Then she insisted on carrying it with her while at that park. It's so not Avery, but it was really sweet!

Sunday we went to a pumpkin patch and picked out some pumpkins. The LGs were able to ride ponies and feed various animals, including some very nasty geese.
Emerson picking out a pumpkin.
Emerson on the left, and Avery on the right.
Avery and I feeding the geese just before they attack! (ok, attack might be over stating. They started bullying us)
Hanging out by the lake in the afternoon sun.
Avery on the pony. She was so brave and actually rode the pony.
Emerson was not that into it. She was scared and this is right before she scaled my arm.
Here is Avery feeding a pony and Emerson putting her fingers into Avery's mouth.
There was also a bounce house at the pumpkin patch.
Sunday night we met a friend, Jenn and her daughter Mahogany for dinner at a Greek restaurant where they encourage you to dance and throw napkins on the floor. The girls had a BLAST!!! They still will yell "HOPA!!!" every once in a while.
This is Mahogany dancing and throwing the napkins. She is about the most outgoing child I have ever met. She is a very cool little girl.
Jenn and Emerson
Avery and Mahogany
This is a video of them dancing and yelling "Hopa!"

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shoo bee doo bee doo waaahhhh...

When Avery is in a good mood she will sing "shoo bee doo bee doo waaaah..." it is about the sweetest sound every. For a while we thought she was channeling Frank Sinatra. Well, we think we finally figured out what she is actually singing. She is singing a song from the Wiggles. The Big Red Car.... Im trying to get it on video cause it's just really sweet this little girl voice singing "shoo bee doo wahhh".
At the beginning of this video she kind of does it. I will try to get a better video. Turn your volume way up!
This is Emerson's favorite facial expression right now... Don't ask... I have no idea.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Who needs to talk?

This evening I put the Wiggles show on for the girls so that I could finish making dinner. At some point Avery came running into the kitchen making the more sign for more. I had no idea what she wanted more of as I had not given her any food or drink... "honey, I dont know what you want more of..." She did another sign for more. "what do you want more of?" She then did this little wiggle like dance...she wanted more wiggles...

This morning we had a play date with some other twin kids. It was a blast watching all these little twins running around destroying a house...the scary thing is they come to our house this Thursday!!! We got a new door today. It is BEAUTIFUL!! love it. I wanted to get new hardware for it so I tossed my non-napping twins into the car and took them to Lowes. While I was waiting for the key guy to come to the counter I saw a little book for kids. I handed one to Avery to look at while we waited. She carried it the whole ride through the store. When we got to the registers I took the book from her and put it on a shelf by the register. Avery started to cry, but because I was ignoring her she stopped and looked at the couple behind us, pointed to the book and said, "HuH!?" (her version of can you give me that?) The couple laughed and the lady said "sorry sweetie, I don't think your mom would appreciate us giving you that."

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Family and Fun

I haven't seen my father's side of the family since I was 17 (long story and not nearly as light hearted as this blog so I'll skip it). I was missing some of them and decided to look them up. I finally found them and we decided I would bring the girls to meet them on Sunday. Ironically they live less then a mile from my MIL! We went to the Aquarium Saturday morning. Before leaving for Orlando.

The otters were especially playful and I think I need one for a pet!
Avery being pretty...
Emerson loving the sting rays.
Sunday morning we met Aunt Christy and cousin Cameron at a park for a picnic lunch and play. The LGs had a blast feeding the squirrels!


After the Park we went to grandma's and took our nap. After nap it was time to go meet some relatives! The girls LOVED it at cousin Brenda's house there were so many people there and so much to do. They had a blast! Funniest thing that happened was when Avery was sitting near her cousin Kevin and he said, "Your Avery right?" and she shook her head pointed to her sister and said "Avery."

Emerson and her cousin Amanda

Emerson and her Cousin Kevin.
My uncle Toad, Avery and me

Emerson and her cousin Amy

Avery CHILLIN in the dog chair...

Apparently Avery loves chairs as this is where she took a two hour nap yesterday.