Thursday, February 10, 2011

Little Artists

I have to share (and chronicle) some of the girls artistic accomplishments.

Avery makes some of the prettiest finger paintings I have ever seen:
This one is my favorite!

At the Y on Wednesday they colored with crayons and brought the papers home. I noticed that Avery had attempted to stay inside the lines. I was very impressed.

The other day Avery was drawing at her easel and I asked her if she was drawing a person. She said, "yes, here is the body..." Me, "cool. are you going to give it eyes?" She said yes and proceeded to give it 8 as I counted them out. Then she gave it 2 arms, 6 legs, curly hair (at which point I said, "oh, curly hair just like mom." Then she said, "and a hat like mom. This is mom." I'm sure you can see the resemblance!

Then Emerson wanted to draw me. She narrated what she was doing, "head, eye, eye patch..." I have since seen her do this numerous times and each and every time the person she was drawing gets an eye patch. Every time the eye patch consists of a her scribbling over the eye she just drew. Let's not discuss the lower half of my body in this picture... facebook friends have taken care of that!

The other day they asked me if I would play with them. I said sure and they said they wanted me to build a butterfly with their tinker toys...luckily there is one on the side of the bin so I used it as an example. I'm rather proud obviously...I took a picture and am now sharing it with you!

Escalator Issues

Thought I would take them to the mall play area to burn off some energy cause it is rainy and yucky out. I usually park in the parking garage of Nordstroms', but on the lower level. The lower level is where the play area is. Today the lower level of the garage was packed (probably due to the rain...) I parked on the 2nd level.

When we got into Nordstroms we came face to face with the escalators. The girls and I have managed escalators before so I asked them if they wanted to take them down. They both said yes. Avery stepped on before I could think. So then Emerson and I are both at the top watching Avery go. I kind of panicked thinking I did not want Avery to be alone at the bottom. I hop on and and Emerson does not hop on with me. Now I'm headed down and Emerson is stuck at the top. She starts crying. I turn around and try to run up the escalator that is headed down. I can't do it. I had to have looked like a cartoon character getting no where. This very nice lady with a toddler and a stroller asks me if she can help Emerson on. I say, "YES, please!!! thank YOU!!!" Emerson immediate jumps away from the lady like she is the devil. The only option I had was to ride down, then ride up and retrieve Emerson all with Avery in tow as well. It was rather amusing. Thankfully this set of escalators were side by side. SO GLAD I cannot even imagine having to run to the other side of the store to catch the up one and then running to the down one again.

Needless to say We all took the elevator once I had Emerson. The nice lady that had offered to help stood there with Emerson while I made my way back to her. Apparently it was a memorable experience for others as well. About an hour and a half later we were headed through Nordstroms and this guy commented that Emerson wants nothing to do with the escalator now!

To add insult to injury as we past through the lingerie section Emerson ran up to the most slutty, loud nighty and yelled, "I like this ONE!!!" Praying her tastes change before puberty.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gasparilla 2010

Just realized I had not blogged our annual Gasparilla parade experience!

This year it was COLD!!!! The good thing though was I went out the day before and found us a place to park that was not 35 miles away... I only exaggerate slightly. We only had to walk .07 miles to the parade and we got there nice and early so we were right up front. The kids had a great time. Poor Graham fell asleep right before the parade actually started and managed to sleep through the entire parade. He did have a great time though before the parade...except when I made him cry! Mean Patty... Sorry Graham, I love you.

To keep warm Pam and Katy came up with a fun little shtick that the kids LOVED!!!


Do you remember back when Avery was scaling her crib and I would play "where did she end up?" Kind of had a week like that last week.

She insisted she was not sleepy at nap-time. Clearly she was not....

Here is the original July 2009...

Then the other morning when I got up here is where I found her.

She apparently was on her way to our room, which happens most nights between 3am and 4am... If I remind them they are not to come to our room till the sun comes up they don't. Unfortunately if it was JUST one of them I would be able to sleep with her in my bed, but because they both usually end up coming in they flank me and I feel claustrophobic and cant sleep restfully. Well, this night she did not quite make it... not sure what happened cause she was obviously walking, she had to open her door and our room is only 3 feet from where she is laying. She even has her blanket.

Here is her sleeping with Julie last weekend. I love how they both have the same position going on here.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Avery's Very Very Bad Day

ok, it wasn't that bad, but it was rather funny how things kept happening to her today. I like to think it was karma cause she has been a hand full the last few days.

I took them to the Y today so I could do a spin class. On a side note, I really think this spin instructor is a sadist. She could possibly be evil... anyway, When they are in the Y daycare sometimes they get to go to basketball court and "exercise". The Exercise consists of playing tag, or running back and forth from one wall to the other. Well, when I went to get them the first thing Avery does is start kvetching about not getting to go to the basketball court. I hear about this for what seemed like forever. She was very upset that she missed the teacher's call out to go to the court.

Then we meet a friend at a restaurant that I WAS boycotting because they were giving funds to an anti-marriage equality organization, but they have since said they will no longer do that...the fact that they did this in the first place SHOULD keep me away but, I really needed to talk to my friend so we needed a play area and I have not given this company any of my money in sooooo long that I figure it's a wash. During the play time Avery came to me and was saying something about "baby pee pee pants" and I could not figure out what the heck she was talking about, but I could hear some of the other kids yelling this and giggling. Then we are on our way home and Avery tells me the kids were calling her this. (BTW, as I type this I am stifling back a giggle!) I did feel bad though. I mean who wants their kid to be made fun of???? Not me....most days... I did manage to make her laugh about it later though. I was getting ready to do some couch cuddle time with them and Avery was getting situated and I said, "here comes miss baby pee pee pants." and she laughed, really really hard. It became our running joke for the rest of the night.

The final bad thing that happened to little Avery today was caused by her love of fruit. It does not matter what kind of fruit, they both LOVE it! I actually have to cut them off each day when I have fruit in the house. Well, I found Avery sitting on the toilet this evening and she tells me that she has poop in her pants. Sure enough there was poop on her undies. (Enough that I had to dunk them in the toilet to clean it off)I asked her what happened and she said she farted and pooped. oops...