Thursday, February 10, 2011

Little Artists

I have to share (and chronicle) some of the girls artistic accomplishments.

Avery makes some of the prettiest finger paintings I have ever seen:
This one is my favorite!

At the Y on Wednesday they colored with crayons and brought the papers home. I noticed that Avery had attempted to stay inside the lines. I was very impressed.

The other day Avery was drawing at her easel and I asked her if she was drawing a person. She said, "yes, here is the body..." Me, "cool. are you going to give it eyes?" She said yes and proceeded to give it 8 as I counted them out. Then she gave it 2 arms, 6 legs, curly hair (at which point I said, "oh, curly hair just like mom." Then she said, "and a hat like mom. This is mom." I'm sure you can see the resemblance!

Then Emerson wanted to draw me. She narrated what she was doing, "head, eye, eye patch..." I have since seen her do this numerous times and each and every time the person she was drawing gets an eye patch. Every time the eye patch consists of a her scribbling over the eye she just drew. Let's not discuss the lower half of my body in this picture... facebook friends have taken care of that!

The other day they asked me if I would play with them. I said sure and they said they wanted me to build a butterfly with their tinker toys...luckily there is one on the side of the bin so I used it as an example. I'm rather proud obviously...I took a picture and am now sharing it with you!

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