Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Avery's Very Very Bad Day

ok, it wasn't that bad, but it was rather funny how things kept happening to her today. I like to think it was karma cause she has been a hand full the last few days.

I took them to the Y today so I could do a spin class. On a side note, I really think this spin instructor is a sadist. She could possibly be evil... anyway, When they are in the Y daycare sometimes they get to go to basketball court and "exercise". The Exercise consists of playing tag, or running back and forth from one wall to the other. Well, when I went to get them the first thing Avery does is start kvetching about not getting to go to the basketball court. I hear about this for what seemed like forever. She was very upset that she missed the teacher's call out to go to the court.

Then we meet a friend at a restaurant that I WAS boycotting because they were giving funds to an anti-marriage equality organization, but they have since said they will no longer do that...the fact that they did this in the first place SHOULD keep me away but, I really needed to talk to my friend so we needed a play area and I have not given this company any of my money in sooooo long that I figure it's a wash. During the play time Avery came to me and was saying something about "baby pee pee pants" and I could not figure out what the heck she was talking about, but I could hear some of the other kids yelling this and giggling. Then we are on our way home and Avery tells me the kids were calling her this. (BTW, as I type this I am stifling back a giggle!) I did feel bad though. I mean who wants their kid to be made fun of???? Not me....most days... I did manage to make her laugh about it later though. I was getting ready to do some couch cuddle time with them and Avery was getting situated and I said, "here comes miss baby pee pee pants." and she laughed, really really hard. It became our running joke for the rest of the night.

The final bad thing that happened to little Avery today was caused by her love of fruit. It does not matter what kind of fruit, they both LOVE it! I actually have to cut them off each day when I have fruit in the house. Well, I found Avery sitting on the toilet this evening and she tells me that she has poop in her pants. Sure enough there was poop on her undies. (Enough that I had to dunk them in the toilet to clean it off)I asked her what happened and she said she farted and pooped. oops...

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