Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tonight's "where'd she sleep?"

She got into her sisters bed tonight (as usual) and when I played my game here is what I found....

Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen???

Crib Climbing...

Avery has figured out how to climb out of her crib. My first reaction was to run screaming to the nearest store and get crib tints. They are these mesh tents that supposedly make the crib impossible to get out of. Well, Julie was not very into the whole tent idea and we got into a huge fight about it. Come to find out it was me being completely not ready for baby-hood to end. Seriously, I was sobbing. Think I must have been ovulating or something cause it was very emotional for me.

We still have not decided exactly what we are going to do. In the mean time, I have put the sides down so that she does not break her neck climbing out. The amusing thing about this is that her sister has not shown ANY interest what so ever in climbing out of her crib. Avery's favorite thing to do is climb into her sisters crib and sleep with her. Unfortunately that means that she usually end up kicking her sister in the face except...yesterday. I put them down for a nap and heard someone crying so I went in there thinking it was E getting kicked. It was actually A crying cause E was sitting on her head. Avery had climbed into her sisters bed, proceeded to lay down to go to sleep and Emerson took that opportunity to sit on her.

I do like to play a game I call "Where did she end up?". I wait till I know they are asleep (they have been silent for over 15-20 mins) then I go in to see where Avery is sleeping. So far I have found her in her sister bed, on the floor, and the cutest on the nursing chair.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The YMCA Water Park

We have found a few different water parks that are free around the Tampa area and the girls just love them. One is the Y in North Tampa I think its the Bob Sierra Y. It is AWESOME there is this big thing right in the middle with two slides one really big and one smaller. The water is only a foot tall at its highest, but the girls still get caught under water and don't realize they could just "STAND UP". On more then one occasion I have had to pluck someone out of the water as they are just doing somersaults under there.

The other park is the Dell Holmes in St Petersburg. It is cool cause its got all these jungle gyms to play on. There is what they call a "splash pad". I call it a baby "car wash" That's what it reminds me of. There is no standing water and just fountains and sprays. The girls seem to like both. I think I prefer the Y cause its a little smaller so I don't loose them as easy.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Shoe and clothes addiction already?

Emerson seems to absolutely LOVE and I mean LOVE LOVE shoes and clothes. Of the two of them she is the only one who will open the middle drawer of their dresser and pull out every. single. piece of clothing one at a time. I finally gave in the other day and put a lock on it. I mean I know she was getting great pleasure out of this, but I got tired of putting them up and she was stretching them out. She would gladly help me put them all back in but then she would pull them all out again and try to put them on...all of them... at the same time... She trys to put the shirts on like pants stretching out the neck hole. She also loves shoes to the point of me thinking we may have to schedule an intervention. Tonight on a very special Blossom...

On Tuesdays we have gymnastics from 10:30 till 11:30. Avery LOVES it. She runs around ingoring me and doing whatever it is she fells like doing. I get quite the workout running after Avery. I dont have to worry about Emerson cause I always know exactly where she is... You see, there is a corner where everyone puts their shoes. I would estimate there are about 30 pairs of shoes in this corner due to the high volume of camp kids at the Y during the summer. Emerson spends at LEAST 40 mins every Tuesday trying on these shoes. She puts them on, she takes them off. She trys this shoe with that one. She just sits there trying on shoes most of the class every single tuesday. When we go shopping she BEGS to get out of the cart if she sees the shoe isle. This child has an addiction!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Zoo and naked gymnastics

Julie had to work today so I thought I would do something fun with the LGs. We spent the morning at the zoo. We got to feed goats and parakeets. Then we saw giraffes, llamas, meerkats, elephants...all the usual zoo animals. It was a blast. We had lunch at a new restaurant there called the Safari Lodge. It was nice. On the way out I let the girls play in the fountain till we got kicked out cause they have to have shoes on to play in that fountain. I did not bring their water shoes and did not want them to get their sneakers wet so we left. After all they had already played plenty in it and it was getting close to nap time.

I put them down for their nap and can hear them playing over the monitor, but that's not unusual. I ignore it. If they cry for longer then a few mins after playing I know they need their blankets cause on of the things they do while playing is toss everything out of their bed and they cannot fall asleep with out a soft blanket to rub. No one ever started to cry but the playing was going on way too long so I decided to go in there and lay them both back down and give them their blanket. I opened the door to see Avery's nacked butt straight up in the air as she finished a beautiful summersault. I look on the floor and there lies all the bedding and her diaper with a nice turd in it. GROSS!!!! Emerson was just laying there in her crib looking like she would LOVE to go to sleep if someone would settle down!

They have been working on the whole putting clothes on and taking clothes off for a while. Here is a video of Avery trying to take her shirt off. Knowtice E doesn't have hers on? Thats cause she took it off with out a bit of trouble.

Water, water, water...

The LGs LOVE water. They just love it. Grandma has a pool and they have played in the pool since they were tiny tiny. Avery has taken to laying down in the bath tub as of late. She will lay on her stomach like she is swimming then she will turn over onto her back. She has been practicing putting her head into the water too. She will just dunk herself. Emerson does this too, but Avery is quite enamored with laying in water.

The other day I had some errands to run so off we go. It had been raining allot lately and South Tampa has major drainage issues. There is always standing water. Well, I made my first stop and as I got Avery out of the car I saw there was about an inch to two inches of standing water right beside the passengers side of the car. This is where I usually put Avery while I get her sister out. So I stood her a little to the front of the car so she would not be standing in the water. I remember thinking she is going to be drawn to the water and she will probably figure out how to splash with her feet. No biggy. She may get the bottom of her dress wet, but that's ok it will dry relatively fast. BTW, they both had on one of their cutest dresses. So, as I am unsnapping Emerson I look down and she Avery's calves... It flashes through my mind what she is doing... The little shit is laying face first on the ground in the mud puddle. I as quick as humanly possible close the door to confirm my suspicion and sure enough there she is laying flat on her stomach in the puddle like she is practicing her breast stroke. I shouted "AVERY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!" and she leaped to her feet and looked at me like she honestly had no idea what had come over her. I burst out laughing. Thankfully I had a towel in the car I could kind of dry her off with.