Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Zoo and naked gymnastics

Julie had to work today so I thought I would do something fun with the LGs. We spent the morning at the zoo. We got to feed goats and parakeets. Then we saw giraffes, llamas, meerkats, elephants...all the usual zoo animals. It was a blast. We had lunch at a new restaurant there called the Safari Lodge. It was nice. On the way out I let the girls play in the fountain till we got kicked out cause they have to have shoes on to play in that fountain. I did not bring their water shoes and did not want them to get their sneakers wet so we left. After all they had already played plenty in it and it was getting close to nap time.

I put them down for their nap and can hear them playing over the monitor, but that's not unusual. I ignore it. If they cry for longer then a few mins after playing I know they need their blankets cause on of the things they do while playing is toss everything out of their bed and they cannot fall asleep with out a soft blanket to rub. No one ever started to cry but the playing was going on way too long so I decided to go in there and lay them both back down and give them their blanket. I opened the door to see Avery's nacked butt straight up in the air as she finished a beautiful summersault. I look on the floor and there lies all the bedding and her diaper with a nice turd in it. GROSS!!!! Emerson was just laying there in her crib looking like she would LOVE to go to sleep if someone would settle down!

They have been working on the whole putting clothes on and taking clothes off for a while. Here is a video of Avery trying to take her shirt off. Knowtice E doesn't have hers on? Thats cause she took it off with out a bit of trouble.


  1. Okay so now I'm like hooked on your blog . . . keep it up. You're a pretty good writer.