Saturday, July 11, 2009

Water, water, water...

The LGs LOVE water. They just love it. Grandma has a pool and they have played in the pool since they were tiny tiny. Avery has taken to laying down in the bath tub as of late. She will lay on her stomach like she is swimming then she will turn over onto her back. She has been practicing putting her head into the water too. She will just dunk herself. Emerson does this too, but Avery is quite enamored with laying in water.

The other day I had some errands to run so off we go. It had been raining allot lately and South Tampa has major drainage issues. There is always standing water. Well, I made my first stop and as I got Avery out of the car I saw there was about an inch to two inches of standing water right beside the passengers side of the car. This is where I usually put Avery while I get her sister out. So I stood her a little to the front of the car so she would not be standing in the water. I remember thinking she is going to be drawn to the water and she will probably figure out how to splash with her feet. No biggy. She may get the bottom of her dress wet, but that's ok it will dry relatively fast. BTW, they both had on one of their cutest dresses. So, as I am unsnapping Emerson I look down and she Avery's calves... It flashes through my mind what she is doing... The little shit is laying face first on the ground in the mud puddle. I as quick as humanly possible close the door to confirm my suspicion and sure enough there she is laying flat on her stomach in the puddle like she is practicing her breast stroke. I shouted "AVERY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!" and she leaped to her feet and looked at me like she honestly had no idea what had come over her. I burst out laughing. Thankfully I had a towel in the car I could kind of dry her off with.

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