Friday, July 17, 2009

Shoe and clothes addiction already?

Emerson seems to absolutely LOVE and I mean LOVE LOVE shoes and clothes. Of the two of them she is the only one who will open the middle drawer of their dresser and pull out every. single. piece of clothing one at a time. I finally gave in the other day and put a lock on it. I mean I know she was getting great pleasure out of this, but I got tired of putting them up and she was stretching them out. She would gladly help me put them all back in but then she would pull them all out again and try to put them on...all of them... at the same time... She trys to put the shirts on like pants stretching out the neck hole. She also loves shoes to the point of me thinking we may have to schedule an intervention. Tonight on a very special Blossom...

On Tuesdays we have gymnastics from 10:30 till 11:30. Avery LOVES it. She runs around ingoring me and doing whatever it is she fells like doing. I get quite the workout running after Avery. I dont have to worry about Emerson cause I always know exactly where she is... You see, there is a corner where everyone puts their shoes. I would estimate there are about 30 pairs of shoes in this corner due to the high volume of camp kids at the Y during the summer. Emerson spends at LEAST 40 mins every Tuesday trying on these shoes. She puts them on, she takes them off. She trys this shoe with that one. She just sits there trying on shoes most of the class every single tuesday. When we go shopping she BEGS to get out of the cart if she sees the shoe isle. This child has an addiction!

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