Friday, April 29, 2011

Didn't Want to Watch

I had had no interest in the Royal Wedding as a matter of fact I was actually annoyed by the attention it was getting....till last night. Julie was watching a show that was recounting the wedding of Princess Diana. I had had no interest in THAT wedding either. If I knew then what I know now I would have been glued to the screen!

A few days ago I walked into the bedroom and Avery was retelling the Revolutionary War: "He was bad. He trying to take our stuff, our candy, our Toy Story guys..." She was speaking of King George. Julie had been trying to explain the Revolutionary War to her.

This morning Avery came into our bed like she does every morning and asked to watch one of her shows. When I turned on the TV, I'm sure you know what was on, right? Yes, THE wedding was happening. Julie told Avery that that was a real live princess and she was marrying her prince. Julie then proceeded to tell Avery, who was VERY interested, who everyone else was. "he is the Queen." Avery, "the evil queen?" "No. Just the queen. That's Camilla, she is the wicked stepmother." I said something about the Abby, and Avery said, "No that is a castle!"

As I sat there and watched I thought it would be really cool to take the girls to England so they could see real castles. If nothing else I think the wedding will help the Brittish tourism. I found myself glued to the screen waiting for THE KISS. This is sooo not me!

The absolutely funniest thing I have seen this morning was a lesbian friend of mine posted a little conversation she and her partner had watching the wedding:
C-"I wish I could have worn that at my wedding."
L-"You would have worn a dress?"
C-"Not that. What HE'S wearing."

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Strange Play Places

My license expired and I tried to renew it online but for some reason I was not able to. The thing is I THOUGHT I had renewed it (my birthday is in March. We are at the end of April here) and I kept waiting for it to come in the mail. I finally looked into it and discovered that I could not in fact renew it online and I was waiting for a license to come in that was never going to arrive.

Unfortunately I had to make the dreaded trip to the DMV. I made an appointment, in the hopes that that would lessen my suffering. I also knew I would have the girls with me. The appointment was not for a few days so i thought I would stop by a DMV and just get it done. I get in there with the girls to find out that not only is the wait 1 and a half hours but I needed to have with me my birth certificate (short form is fine), social security card and two bills showing I live where I live. Oy Vey! Not having these documents I decide to wait for my appointment and chance it with my expired license.

So we get to the DMV on the correct day and at the correct time (despite going to the wrong one on the other side of town that was closed!) and the people of the DMV make the People of Walmart look like socialites. A lady with a really big wig leans over and is telling Emerson how pretty she is and Emerson starts crying and hiding her face. This did not bode well for our stay. I gave them a snack that they proceeded to drop and tried to pick up to eat. "NOOOOOO!!! give it here, it is now garbage!" I think I used an entire thing of wipes while there.

They started a game of walking along the wall (in front of ALL the people sitting and waiting) with their backs against it. They each went two times then were like, "mama, your turn!" Yep, I walked up, as if on stage, and walked along the wall to the end and back. They then called my number, THANK GOD!

As I am taking care of my business the girls start playing a game of "3 little pigs" with the blue back drop for picture taking. In the middle of getting my license renewed by the slowest clerk ever, Emerson announces she has to go to the bathroom. We take care of that then back to business for me and play for them. Now they have moved to an empty desk and are playing with a little stuffed patriotic bear. Emerson is putting it in her shirt announcing she has a "baby in her belly" then pulling it out the bottom of the shirt. Then they moved to the computers you take the drivers test with. They start touching the screen until the one Emerson is playing with has an error screen on it. Ok, time to leave!!!! "Nooooo!!!! 5 more minutes Mama!?!" "2 more minutes, and you cant play with the computers. " "ok"

Today we met some friends at a REALLY cool park right near the Glazer Children's Museum. We loved the Glazer Museum when we went last week! The first thing we notice are the love bugs. It is love bug season here in Florida. Emerson starts screaming, wailing and trying to climb me. I tried to reason with her. I tried to distract her. None of these things work. When there was a swarm of Love Bugs near her she would scream/wail/climb. Avery was ok with them but I could see she was starting to get a little freaked out too. I talked them into going over to the water area cause I was sure there would be less near the water.

I was right and Avery had a pretty good time for about 30 minutes. Emerson was not that into it and continued to ask to go home. I finally gave in and left with them.

While at the water area a group of older kids showed up and there was a girl who looked to be about 10. She was doing the exact same thing as Emerson. I told Emerson it was ok for her to be acting like this now but I hope she will not still be having this reaction when she is that age. When we left the girl had locked herself in a bathroom and was still crying and sceaming.

On the way home I stopped at Home Depot to get a few things. We went to the garden part to get some more vegetables for the girls garden. While in the garden area one of them says they have to go to the bathroom. We trekked all. the. way. to the other side of HD to use the potty. Then back to the garden center. About 2 minutes pass and Avery announces that she has to poop. So, back to the bathroom we went. We then went to another part of the store. As I was standing in aisle waiting for an associate to come and get some shelving for me the girls started playing with the carpets that hang. They were playing hide and seek. You could totally see their feet. It was very cute. The employee finished getting me my shelving so I tell the girls we are ready to leave and they yell, "nooooo! 5 minutes!?!" "Ok, 1 minute then we have to go." The employee and I stand there and watch them play for another minute and we leave.

Here you can see Emerson in her misery at the park:

Avery enjoying the water

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mermaid Man

We decided to go to the beach on Saturday. Now the girls think that where ever we go on the weekend we have to take Mom's Jeep. That would be fine except there is virtually NO storage in it and I feel like moving car-seats has become a part time job. Time to buy 2 more car seats!

So we packed as much as we could into the Jeep. It looked like a clown car with beach chairs flowing out over the sides.

While there the kids that were next to us started to do a project.
The boy laid down and the girls (pre-teenish) started putting wet sand on him. they then asked us if we had any buckets they could use. We did so we gave them to them. They asked the LGs if they wanted to help them. They were making the boy into a mermaid.

It was the girls idea to add the "bling" on the tail...

Have you seen the photos people have of their feet on the beach with the sand and the water? I was trying to get one of those. I don't think I succeeded...

Avery saw me taking the pictures of my feet and asked me what I was doing. I told her and she said take one of mine! And this is how she posed:

Having a snack...

After the beach we headed over to Rick's On the River for lunch...

The girls made a friend:

Friday, April 15, 2011

Caterpillar Circle

I signed the girls up for Caterpillar Circle at the place that they take gymnastics It is basically like a moms morning out pre-pre-school. One day a week they go there, do a craft or two, have a snack and they get an additional hour of gymnastics a week. SCORE!

Last Thursday was their first day at CC. When they got up Avery, like she does every morning, asked, "What we doing today?" I told her about CC and she started crying saying she did not want to go. I thought, "great this is going to end very badly." I told them we were not going to talk about it anymore till we got there then we could decide if we really did not want to go.

So we get there and the teacher (who is the first teacher that Avery let touch her in gymnastics) was sitting on the bench outside with a few other kids. Avery and Emerson ran over to her and were like , "Bye mommy!" I asked them for a hug and they each gave me one. The teacher then marched them all over to the other building and they did not even look back.

When I got back into my car I was watching them trot across the lawn looking so self confident and sure. I started crying. I was seeing them grow up right there. It made me sad and happy all at the same time.

When I went to pick them up they asked if they could come back the next day. They obviously had a great time.

Now for some fun...kind of...

The other night Avery said they wanted to color with markers. I told them they could go ahead and get the markers and paper out of the craft closet. It was after dinner and before bathtime so when Avery asked if they could draw on each other I said, "sure. Just take off your clothes so they dont get stains." These girls dont miss an opportunity to get naked so they ripped their clothes off and ran into the living room with the markers and one thing I did not know they had... these two big ink pads from a Melissa and Doug stamp set.

I was working on the computer so I was not paying attention to them. A few minutes pass. I decide to check on them....this is what I found:

Julie says she looks like a gay Braveheart

I had to put underwear on her to take the pictures.

Thankfully it IS washable so...