Sunday, July 26, 2009

Crib Climbing...

Avery has figured out how to climb out of her crib. My first reaction was to run screaming to the nearest store and get crib tints. They are these mesh tents that supposedly make the crib impossible to get out of. Well, Julie was not very into the whole tent idea and we got into a huge fight about it. Come to find out it was me being completely not ready for baby-hood to end. Seriously, I was sobbing. Think I must have been ovulating or something cause it was very emotional for me.

We still have not decided exactly what we are going to do. In the mean time, I have put the sides down so that she does not break her neck climbing out. The amusing thing about this is that her sister has not shown ANY interest what so ever in climbing out of her crib. Avery's favorite thing to do is climb into her sisters crib and sleep with her. Unfortunately that means that she usually end up kicking her sister in the face except...yesterday. I put them down for a nap and heard someone crying so I went in there thinking it was E getting kicked. It was actually A crying cause E was sitting on her head. Avery had climbed into her sisters bed, proceeded to lay down to go to sleep and Emerson took that opportunity to sit on her.

I do like to play a game I call "Where did she end up?". I wait till I know they are asleep (they have been silent for over 15-20 mins) then I go in to see where Avery is sleeping. So far I have found her in her sister bed, on the floor, and the cutest on the nursing chair.

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