Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Imaginary Friends and Family

Avery's imaginary world is very prolific. She has a daddy, a brother and today when I heard them talking about these people Emerson said something about a baby in the tummy. I asked, "who has a baby in their tummy?" Avery said, "My daddy."
"Oh really?"
"Yep. Him is pregnate."

This pretend family lives in a house with stairs that Avery likes to climb. While in CA, our last night was spent with Julie's "Uncle Fuzzy's" house. When we got there there was a cat on the front porch that the girls saw for about 10 seconds. We never saw the cat again. Uncle Fuzzy's house was a two story house. The girls played on the stairs the. entire. time. we were there.

When we were leaving CA I asked the girls what they were going to miss the most in CA? Avery's answer IN THIS ORDER was:
The Stairs
The Cat and

Yes...she has her priorities right on the money.

Monday, August 29, 2011

When in doubt...play

We went to the grocery store today. The girls wanted to walk. I made a deal with them that if they listened to me and stayed with me they could walk. If not they had to get in the cart and ride. Didn't even get through produce before I had to ask Avery to get into the cart. She refused. I tried to physically put her in. NOPE not unless I wanted to beat her. Tried to reason with her. NOPE she started screaming at me and throwing herself onto the floor. I tried time out. She could have cared less and just kept getting out of it. So I thought I would just wait her out. I told her we were not moving till she got into the cart. We were there about 15 minutes and she was happy to stay right where we were. Then I thought...'what else could I do...playful? Well, we have pretended to be out running alligators more then once....'

"Hey girls!!! I see some alligators up ahead. You guys better get in the cart so we can get by them."

Wishing I would have thought of that about 15 minutes prior...

In the cart they both went...willingly, and happily.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

California Vaca Take II

We took our semi-annual vacation to California to visit the LGs grandfather and other friends and family there. This time I booked our flight out of Orlando (on purpose)

The flights this time were not nearly as bad. Only had one bad (short) flight were Avery was a pain in the butt. I highly recommend having a layover if you are taking a really long flight with toddlers cause they need the change in scenery and the stretching of the legs. We flew into Long Beach and stayed in Anaheim the first 2 nights and went to Disneyland. We had a blast!

After Disney we went to the same place we stayed 2 yrs ago in Thousand Oaks. We got to go Grandpa and Nan Lisa's house. The girls loved Nan's bird garden and helped her feed them. They also loved the dogs and I could tell they missed their puppies cause they told every stranger they met about their pooping puppy and how she poops in their room (despite the fact that Leni has not pooped in the house in quite some time...not counting the accidents she had while we were away, of course) The other thing they told every single person they were near was how old they are. The amuzing part of this is that they told people they were every age from 4 to 16 and would try to hold up the appropriate number of fingers for the age. One would say, "I Avery, I 4 yrs old." and then Emerson would say, "I Emerson, I 10." Cracked us up every. single. time. Imagine how many people they talked to in the 4 different airports we were in!?!

We also got to visit the ranch where Nan's horse is kept. I got to visit Rowen again...

We also got to visit Papa's work and the park team at the city of Malibu build, Legacy Park. It was really really cool!

We went to one of Papa's good friends house for dinner and swimming. They had two girls one was going into 1st grade and the other was going into 3rd grade (I think) The LGs had a WONDERFUL time playing with them and they all put on a princess fashion show for us. Lovely family and a great time!