Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our vacation in California

On our first day in California we went to Grandpa's work and met all his employees and colleagues. Then we went to a park. Emerson saw a dog there and it was virtually impossible to get her to do anything else. She is dog obsessed. Avery and her grandpa did the teeter totter. VERY CUTE! That evening we went to dinner with Grandpa and Nan. We had Mexican and it was Delicious. The girls were wired for sound and they were literally doing laps around the table. Seriously running laps...

The 2nd day of vacation we took the lgs to Disney Land. They loved it thank you very much! Everyone told us they wont remember it, its not worth it. Well, Julie really wanted to do this and I supported her right to take her kids to Disney Land. They had such a great time and loved It's a Small World ride.
We went to Uncle Terry and Aunt Betsy's house for a BBQ. The girls fell in love with this statue and had a great time playing in the fish pond. They even managed to combine these two activities by using the water from the pond to wash the statue...

Nan has a horse and keeps it on this beautiful ranch. There is a vineyard there, a few zebras, and a camel named Rowen. Rowen is about the sweetest animal you will ever meet. The girls (and I) had a blast with all the animals.

Grandpa got us access to a private beach in Malibu. It was a little chilly and foggy, but it was still gorgeous. There was this seagull that was following us around wanting our food. In Florida seagulls travel in packs and if you feed one seagull three thousand attack you. This is not the case in California...or at least not on this day. Also CA seagulls are sooo much bigger then FL seagulls...

I mean look at that thing he is as big as a small dog! We did feed him a Cheeto or two and never got attacked by more seagulls.

We had such a great time in California with our family. We cant wait to go back...maybe the girls could fly on a different plane then us????


  1. OMG - you are forever cracking me up on FB, so glad you have a blog too! I will start my cyber-stalking now;) Love the stories about your travels. We took our id twin boys to Australia at 8-9 months. Unfortunately, I am NOT funnier on vacation!

  2. See already you are forgetting the bad stuff (like the meltdowns at Disney) and remembering the good stuff. I think you should have included Avery's crush on Lisa's nephew and the cat toy she brought him. Such a cute story.

  3. Brook, WOW Australia!!! I bet I would be even funnier with an Aussie accent!