Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sad little Emerson

Emerson has this new thing she does when she is sad and getting ready to cry. Her little lips turn down on the sides. It's sweet, sad, and funny all at the same time.

She does this EVERY. TIME we leave and her mom does not leave with us. It is so sweet. She's all happy that we are getting in the car to go somewhere then her mom walks away back to the house and her little lips curl down and she starts crying. VERY SWEET! She is totally ok with Julie going to work every morning, she even waves to her, but she is not ok with us leaving her at home apparently.

I've started doing timeouts when they are doing things that they shouldn't. I tell them if they continue ______ they will get a timeout then I count to 3. On 3 they get a timeout if they have not stopped doing whatever it is that I want them to stop.

Yesterday I decided to stop for lunch with them. We had Thai (my favorite!). When we were sitting waiting for our lunch the girls were very restless and irritable because they were hungry. E kept trying to stand in her highchair and was being very cranky. So I said, "do you want a timeout? If you continue crying you will get a time out. One." and she turned her lips down and turn to hide her face in her seat. It was so funny. This happened 2 or 3 times before lunch actually came. Cracked me up.


  1. She did it to me more than once Saturday. It's heartbreaking.. Kenzie does it but it stopped phasing me a LONG time ago(is that bad, lol)!

  2. No, it makes me laugh. I have to try not to laugh at her.