Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Travel hell...take 2

We finally get to fly to California with a our beautiful twin toddlers....ha ha... The flight started with Avery have a total melt down. She was SCREAMING and arching her back. Luckily we were surrounded by parents and kids. This lady turns to me and says can she have a lollipop, but she spelled lollipop and I for the life of me could not figure out what she was spelling. (I was holding Avery after all) Julie looked at the lady and said "LOL...???" Finally the lady said, or more like yelled "LOLLIPOP!" And I was like yes PLEASE!!!! and finally she was quiet. As you may know sugar has a calming effect... for a little bit... then they hit the roof. The rest of the flight that by the way started about a half an hour into their bedtime was them trying to sleep and not being able to so they would cry and hit and act like little crazy people.

At about hour 4 of our flight they both passed out. THANK GOD!!! So we landed in LAX, the craziest airport in the country. They slept through all of the airport.

Grampa and Nan Lisa met us at the airport to help us navigate it. That was soooo nice of them and VERY helpful.

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