Friday, January 29, 2010

LG to Engish Dictionary

Avery and Emerson have their own words for things. There are the obvious ones like wawa for water but there are some really not so obvious as well. I thought I would make this blog an ongoing dictionary for them. Some words they both use and some only one uses. Im sure that the spelling of these will not be to their specs but it's the best I can do...

Joshish=my turn

Key key=Candy
Chai chai=Chocolate
Ty ty= Tylenol (I think we have an addiction to the Tylenol melt aways)
I carry=Carry me

Nana=Banana or Grandma or Nina from Imagination Movers
Dots=we have no idea. She says this ALL. THE. TIME if I figure it out I will update.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We've Been a Busy Busy Family!

So busy that its taken me a bit to update the blog... We're gonna work backwards today... Do you know what Gasparilla is??? No??? Ok, open a new tab, google it and then come right back!

Saturday was the parade for kids we decided we would give it a try this year cause we thought the LGs would enjoy it and if we loose one it's ok as we have another. Well, it was crazy, but we had a blast and we learned allot for next dont park 2 miles away!

We went with our friends Pam, Katy and their son Graham and some of their friends.

We had to really make some big promises to get them to even consider the eye patches. Here is Emerson downing one for like 2 seconds.

Avery was willing to wear the scarf, but only for a minute or two.

There was this one float that royally pi$$ed me off. Keep in mind this was a parade for KIDS. It was crazy and the only place we could find to stand that we would be able to breath was a few feet past the end of the parade route. As the Molly Brown float went past the flags a lady on the float over a microphone said (very rudely) "THE PARADE IS OVER STOP MUSIC AND DONT THROW ANY MORE BEADS!" There were literally 100's of kids and adults just past the end markers. It was only the 3rd float the parade was no where near being OVER. Julie heard little kids asking their parents, "does this mean we dont get any beads?" "Is the parade over?" I wanted to yell some really nasty things at this lady. Instead I yelled some kind of nasty things at her. I mean, why did you have to do that over the mic? And why the nasty attitude? I hate her... Unfortunately its a foundation and not a company I can boycott... Oh and get this they enrich the lives of children!!!!

Monday the 18th was MLK day so Julie had the day off. That night we went to Acropolis with Pam, Katy and Graham. We had a great time. We danced, we ate, we had a blast!!

I love this family shot. Julie and I are looking all happy and look close at the attitudes of these girls! The teen years are gonna be a pain!

Earlier that day we went to zoo with Katy and Graham.

Emerson and Avery rode the carousel for the first time. Julie and I of course rode along beside. Can I just tell you I thought I was gonna hurl! WTF!

The kids always love to feed the birds Graham and Avery have something in common they let the bird land on the stick then they shake them off like a bad cold.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Few of my Favorite Things!

I got this idea from Brook (Hamilton Boys Blog) to post some of my favorite things that the LGs are doing lately. But first a few of my not so favorite things or THING as it may be!

After their nap today I heard them giggling, but thought nothing of it. I decided to let them play a little and make their way out when they were ready. Do this most days. Well, after about 30 minutes I heard Avery yell "Mama" so I got off the coach and headed toward her. As I made my way around the corner this is what I found:

They had pulled EVERY SINGLE piece of clothing out of their dresser and put most of it on the dog while she slept.
Ok, on to the things that make my heart melt...

We like to dance in the kitchen. My Ipod is in the kitchen and we dance quite often as a family. Emerson has taken to singing. She LOVES this song that was popular the year they were born actually. Its Fiest's 1,2,3,4 This is the best video. It has Emerson singing, and Julie and Avery Dancing behind us. I could watch this video over and over and never get tired of it.

A few weeks ago I slept with Avery and Emerson because Avery had a cough and I wanted to make sure she was ok. Neither she or I got much sleep that night. She was coughing and Emerson is a mix-master when sleeping. Well, in the morning I woke up to Emerson rolling her hand on my stomach saying, "Tee Tee Tee!" she was trying to tickle me! So flippin cute!

Avery is one of the funniest people I have ever met. She cracks me up. She is always trying to make people laugh. She likes to run like a cartoon character. She will laugh at ANYTHING! She loves to give hugs but not so much with the kisses. Emerson, on the other hand will give anyone a kiss.
Avery yelling "Pooper!" (Cooper our dog) She addores that dog. The other day it was really cold out and I could not get Cooper to come in. He had been out for hours. He finally came in, but Aver must not have seen it cause she was pointing at the door yelling, "Cooper!"
Avery loves to be read to. Her favorites right now are Olivia and If You Give a Moose a Muffin.
Emerson likes books but not as much as her sister. But she really likes to point out objects. She can sit for hours and have you ask her "Where is the ____?" I think I need to buy her some where is waldo books.

I found them sleeping like this the other night:

Tonight here is where we found them sleeping...on the floor.

Every night after the girls go to sleep Julie picks up the living room. She always leaves something special for the girls (and me) She will leave a doll riding a horse or a hat on the rocking moose. I love it it is so sweet. Julie calls them "Easter eggs" little surprises. Here is tonight's "Easter eggs".

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ringing In The New Year!

New camera in ACTION!!! Took the LGs to Kate Jackson Park last week. How cute are these girls I ask you?? (Avery on the Left)



Thursday I planned on heading to Orlando to spend New Years with family. Before leaving I wanted to get the girls out of the house and let them work off a little steam before that two hour drive. I found a little park called Friendship Park. It reminded me of KJ park but the little kids area and the big kids area are separate AND the biggest difference is I can bike there. Grandpa bought us a bike trailer so I will be biking me and the LGs to this park very much in the future!
My only worry with this park is the inappropriate behavior of the wild life....
Emerson on the big girl slide:

Squirrels doing the nasty:

When we got to Orlando I took the LGs to my cousin Brenda's house for New Years Eve. Cousin Brenda bought them Disney Princess Dolls. Apparently every year they have a block party for new years. The girls had a great time at the party. Unfortunately I had to leave early because Avery started wheezing. Thankfully we did not end up in the hospital with her.

New Years day we started a new tradition. Homemade pizzas! They were deelishis and the girls loved making them. They started out with clothes on but I made an executive decision to get the shirts off...good thing cause Avery ended up with Pizza sauce on her belly.
Avery enjoying the fruits of her labor!