Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We've Been a Busy Busy Family!

So busy that its taken me a bit to update the blog... We're gonna work backwards today... Do you know what Gasparilla is??? No??? Ok, open a new tab, google it and then come right back!

Saturday was the parade for kids we decided we would give it a try this year cause we thought the LGs would enjoy it and if we loose one it's ok as we have another. Well, it was crazy, but we had a blast and we learned allot for next year...like dont park 2 miles away!

We went with our friends Pam, Katy and their son Graham and some of their friends.

We had to really make some big promises to get them to even consider the eye patches. Here is Emerson downing one for like 2 seconds.

Avery was willing to wear the scarf, but only for a minute or two.

There was this one float that royally pi$$ed me off. Keep in mind this was a parade for KIDS. It was crazy and the only place we could find to stand that we would be able to breath was a few feet past the end of the parade route. As the Molly Brown float went past the flags a lady on the float over a microphone said (very rudely) "THE PARADE IS OVER STOP MUSIC AND DONT THROW ANY MORE BEADS!" There were literally 100's of kids and adults just past the end markers. It was only the 3rd float the parade was no where near being OVER. Julie heard little kids asking their parents, "does this mean we dont get any beads?" "Is the parade over?" I wanted to yell some really nasty things at this lady. Instead I yelled some kind of nasty things at her. I mean, why did you have to do that over the mic? And why the nasty attitude? I hate her... Unfortunately its a foundation and not a company I can boycott... Oh and get this they enrich the lives of children!!!!

Monday the 18th was MLK day so Julie had the day off. That night we went to Acropolis with Pam, Katy and Graham. We had a great time. We danced, we ate, we had a blast!!

I love this family shot. Julie and I are looking all happy and look close at the attitudes of these girls! The teen years are gonna be a pain!

Earlier that day we went to zoo with Katy and Graham.

Emerson and Avery rode the carousel for the first time. Julie and I of course rode along beside. Can I just tell you I thought I was gonna hurl! WTF!

The kids always love to feed the birds Graham and Avery have something in common they let the bird land on the stick then they shake them off like a bad cold.

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