Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ringing In The New Year!

New camera in ACTION!!! Took the LGs to Kate Jackson Park last week. How cute are these girls I ask you?? (Avery on the Left)



Thursday I planned on heading to Orlando to spend New Years with family. Before leaving I wanted to get the girls out of the house and let them work off a little steam before that two hour drive. I found a little park called Friendship Park. It reminded me of KJ park but the little kids area and the big kids area are separate AND the biggest difference is I can bike there. Grandpa bought us a bike trailer so I will be biking me and the LGs to this park very much in the future!
My only worry with this park is the inappropriate behavior of the wild life....
Emerson on the big girl slide:

Squirrels doing the nasty:

When we got to Orlando I took the LGs to my cousin Brenda's house for New Years Eve. Cousin Brenda bought them Disney Princess Dolls. Apparently every year they have a block party for new years. The girls had a great time at the party. Unfortunately I had to leave early because Avery started wheezing. Thankfully we did not end up in the hospital with her.

New Years day we started a new tradition. Homemade pizzas! They were deelishis and the girls loved making them. They started out with clothes on but I made an executive decision to get the shirts off...good thing cause Avery ended up with Pizza sauce on her belly.
Avery enjoying the fruits of her labor!


  1. I love the pics with the new cam! Now that I studied them side by side, I think I'll be able to tell them apart now. They really are very different. :) Thanks for the update. Keep up the good work. -Katy

  2. Could they be any cuter, nope, don't think so! Love the shots with them in the party hats. The top pic, is that them in jeans - never seen them in anything but super chic dresses. We have wanted to try Friendship park, so let us know if you are up for company. Can you believe my boys won't eat pizza? What is wrong with them???

  3. Brook, I'll let you know the next time we head over their. It's a nice park!

  4. cant believe I used the wrong THERE!