Monday, August 29, 2011

When in

We went to the grocery store today. The girls wanted to walk. I made a deal with them that if they listened to me and stayed with me they could walk. If not they had to get in the cart and ride. Didn't even get through produce before I had to ask Avery to get into the cart. She refused. I tried to physically put her in. NOPE not unless I wanted to beat her. Tried to reason with her. NOPE she started screaming at me and throwing herself onto the floor. I tried time out. She could have cared less and just kept getting out of it. So I thought I would just wait her out. I told her we were not moving till she got into the cart. We were there about 15 minutes and she was happy to stay right where we were. Then I thought...'what else could I do...playful? Well, we have pretended to be out running alligators more then once....'

"Hey girls!!! I see some alligators up ahead. You guys better get in the cart so we can get by them."

Wishing I would have thought of that about 15 minutes prior...

In the cart they both went...willingly, and happily.

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