Sunday, February 6, 2011


Do you remember back when Avery was scaling her crib and I would play "where did she end up?" Kind of had a week like that last week.

She insisted she was not sleepy at nap-time. Clearly she was not....

Here is the original July 2009...

Then the other morning when I got up here is where I found her.

She apparently was on her way to our room, which happens most nights between 3am and 4am... If I remind them they are not to come to our room till the sun comes up they don't. Unfortunately if it was JUST one of them I would be able to sleep with her in my bed, but because they both usually end up coming in they flank me and I feel claustrophobic and cant sleep restfully. Well, this night she did not quite make it... not sure what happened cause she was obviously walking, she had to open her door and our room is only 3 feet from where she is laying. She even has her blanket.

Here is her sleeping with Julie last weekend. I love how they both have the same position going on here.

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