Saturday, March 5, 2011

Forced Cuddling and Other Stuff

So they like to cuddle before going to sleep. Not a problem. Totally understandable. Most times I like to cuddle with them as well. Some nights however...I'm just tired, I have a head ache and want them to go to sleep and let me leave without rubbing their face (Avery) or their back (Emerson).

So one night when I was sooooo very tired and just needed some alone time. I was in the midst of forced cuddle time and Emerson said, "Rub my back." I obliged for a few minutes but I was tired and said, "Can we just cuddle?" and she rolled over onto her back and I rapped my arm around her and relaxed for the first time in about 12 hours....Then she did it...she pulled up the front of her shirt so I could rub her stomach...and she did it so obvious yet slyly.

We are planning a vacation, short vacation, to the beach. The other day we had some time to kill so I thought I would treat the girls to their first pedicure. They puffy heart loved it!

I let them pick out the colors they wanted. Avery chose orange of course, it is her favorite color after all. Emerson chose blue. Why? Not sure, but it looks so much better then I thought it would! The lady doing their nails did Emerson's first and put a little flower on her big toe. When she was getting ready to do Avery's Avery kept saying she wanted a "shark" I kept making her repeat it and repeat it till Avery finally said, "You know, hop hop hop." While making her hand go hop like a frog. She was asking for a frog. She got a flower cause the flower was free. Maybe next time I will see if they can draw a frog.

We had a twin friends party last weekend. Petting zoo and pony rides and beer...who could ask for more?

Now for some entertaining thing that have happened lately.
  • Today Emerson said she had to go "tee tee" she went in the bathroom came out with no pants or panties on. This is not an unusual thing in this house. They do that all the time. She then asked me to lift her up to get something out of the high pantry. I picked her up and had her sitting on my chest. She decided she did not want anything and I put her down. A few seconds latter I was smelling poop. I asked her if she pooped and she said yes. So I told her to head to the bathroom so I could wipe her. We get in there and she has poop smeared up her back. I clean her up and am commenting on how poorly she wiped and that she needs to let me know next time so I can help her all while I'm preparing to wash her and my hands. I look into the mirror and see a thick skid mark on my sweater, my favorite sweater...
  • We took the car to get an oil change at Midas. They have a keurig machine there and the girls LOVE the hot chocolate so good times at Midas, but on this day they also had biscottis! WOW who could ask for more? I gave them each a biscotti and found out it was going to take an hour for them to just get my car in. I really needed to get this done before vacation so I figured we would also walk over to Office Depot while we waited. As we were walking into the parking lot Avery had one bite of her biscotti left. I grabbed Avery's hand and she went to grab her sisters hand (they know we all have to be holding SOMEones hand in parking lots. Well she couldn't grab her sister hand with the piece of biscotti in her hand so she handed it to her sister. He sister took it and pooped it into her mouth and started to chew and Avery started to yell. Emerson pulled it out of her mouth and put it in her sisters hand with out ever letting go of her sisters hand. Then Avery popped it into her mouth and ate it.
  • The other night Michelle one of our favorite babysitters watched the girls and had to put them to bed so that Julie and I had a much needed date night. She later told me that Emerson was very calm and relaxed for bed, but Avery was crying and upset. They were laying in bed and Avery was crying. Emerson reached over and held Avery's hand and Avery calmed down started sucking her fingers and they both fell a sleep.
I am constantly amazed at how well they get along, how much they love each other. They really genuinely like each other. I have never had to worry about one of them hitting the other one. I mean there has been the occasional sitting on her sister cause she wanted to sleep in the hole, but for the most part they never fight and always play well together. Is it an identical thing or am I just lucky?

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