Monday, October 12, 2009

Who needs to talk?

This evening I put the Wiggles show on for the girls so that I could finish making dinner. At some point Avery came running into the kitchen making the more sign for more. I had no idea what she wanted more of as I had not given her any food or drink... "honey, I dont know what you want more of..." She did another sign for more. "what do you want more of?" She then did this little wiggle like dance...she wanted more wiggles...

This morning we had a play date with some other twin kids. It was a blast watching all these little twins running around destroying a house...the scary thing is they come to our house this Thursday!!! We got a new door today. It is BEAUTIFUL!! love it. I wanted to get new hardware for it so I tossed my non-napping twins into the car and took them to Lowes. While I was waiting for the key guy to come to the counter I saw a little book for kids. I handed one to Avery to look at while we waited. She carried it the whole ride through the store. When we got to the registers I took the book from her and put it on a shelf by the register. Avery started to cry, but because I was ignoring her she stopped and looked at the couple behind us, pointed to the book and said, "HuH!?" (her version of can you give me that?) The couple laughed and the lady said "sorry sweetie, I don't think your mom would appreciate us giving you that."

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