Thursday, October 1, 2009

Family and Fun

I haven't seen my father's side of the family since I was 17 (long story and not nearly as light hearted as this blog so I'll skip it). I was missing some of them and decided to look them up. I finally found them and we decided I would bring the girls to meet them on Sunday. Ironically they live less then a mile from my MIL! We went to the Aquarium Saturday morning. Before leaving for Orlando.

The otters were especially playful and I think I need one for a pet!
Avery being pretty...
Emerson loving the sting rays.
Sunday morning we met Aunt Christy and cousin Cameron at a park for a picnic lunch and play. The LGs had a blast feeding the squirrels!


After the Park we went to grandma's and took our nap. After nap it was time to go meet some relatives! The girls LOVED it at cousin Brenda's house there were so many people there and so much to do. They had a blast! Funniest thing that happened was when Avery was sitting near her cousin Kevin and he said, "Your Avery right?" and she shook her head pointed to her sister and said "Avery."

Emerson and her cousin Amanda

Emerson and her Cousin Kevin.
My uncle Toad, Avery and me

Emerson and her cousin Amy

Avery CHILLIN in the dog chair...

Apparently Avery loves chairs as this is where she took a two hour nap yesterday.

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