Thursday, September 17, 2009

Model Behavior

Today the LGs had their very first model photo shoot!!! It was for a Beall's circular that will be out 11/12 and 11/15. They behaved like....well, DIVAS!

We got there about half an hour early (I cant help myself. When I did not have kids I always arrived places an hour early. Now I am usually on time or half an hour early due to the little leaches) You are to wait in this little waiting room and then they call you back. So the girls were having a great time playing in the chairs and waiting. Everyone else came and went. Then a very nice lady came in and wanted to put a little make up on the space between their eye brows. This area has always looked bruised even though it is not. She was great tried to make it into a game. Tried to get them to trust her before she came near them. She put some on me, she let them play with the brushes... it went on and on... NO GO they were not having it. There was no way she was gonna come near them with a brush. She said "that's ok, we can photoshop it. Lets take them back and get them changed."

They wanted to know who would like the dress better...ummmm they both wear dresses all. the. time. OK, who would be ok with a head band??? If it's going around their thighs either of them but if you have to put it on their heads then I guess Emerson. So Emerson ended up in this Xmas dress that I thought was kind of ugly and I would NEVER buy for them (however in the pictures it was about the cutest thing ever...)and Avery ended up in Xmas PJ pants suit. They were there to be the 18 month models, they are 23 months old and the outfits were 12months sizes... all of them needed to be cinched in the back! OMG, are they anorexic already!?!

We head back to the studio and Avery wants to push the stroller back with us. I do not let her (1st mistake!) She has a little bit of a fit, but nothing dramatic. They want to shoot E first. I take E over to the 4x6 square she can be in frame for the shot. She is not wanting to stay in that area and Avery is somewhere off in the distance. I can hear her but cannot see her. I know she is not happy, but I am concentrating on E, who is actually getting more and more comfy. Then I hear blood curdling scream crying and I ask "is that my child?" Suddenly Avery RUNS to me crying like she had been beat. (Just so you know everyone there could not have been nicer, and I am positive no one touched her) So she is now in my lap crying and this makes E start crying. Wouldn't you??? If your sister was screaming like that there MUST be something to cry about. The photographer decides we should take a break and get them calmed down... REALLY?? you dont want hysterical babies in your ad???

I take the girls back into the waiting area where they seems happier and offer to nurse them. E is all for it. A is so upset she doesn't even want the boob! She finally succumbed to the temptation and nursed. We (I) decided to let let come back into the studio at their own pace. I hung out back there just in site. Then they finally walked back apprehensively. I showed them a rack of shoes. They played with the shoes. What girl can resist shoes? Then Avery wandered onto the set... I was like HELLO photographer get your butt into your chair! He started shooting and got what he wanted (minus the drama or tears!) They wanted a few more of the dress. So I coaxed E with one of the wrapped Xmas boxes. One of the set people sat on the floor and we played keep away with the box and then I would hand her the box and tell her to take it to the lady. One thing they did not tell me was any thing to the side of the LGs they could take out. Nice to know. So they get alot of E. So we are finished and the girls in the end had some fun.

When it was all over one of the people asked me if this was their first shoot... ummmm YEAH! The photographer said he was surprised they warmed up most toddler this age dont come back from that. You cant get them to warm up after they've been that upset. I think it was the nursing heehee. They also said that was totally normal for this age. They did LOVE looking at the photos of themselves when we were all done and I cant wait to see the circular.

Not sure if we will get any call backs to do any others but we can say they were models for at least one day! DIVAS ALWAYS!

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