Saturday, September 5, 2009

Emerson's a genius!

Avery had a pair of sunglasses that Emerson wanted. I made them a juice and asked them "who wants juice?" Emerson grabbed it. When A saw that E had a juice she slung the glasses across the room and headed toward E to get the juice. E let her take the sippy cup from her and walked straight over to the sun glasses, picked them up and walked away like it had been her plan all along. I thought this might have just been a fluke but Julie says she's seen Emerson do this type of thing before...she's playing chess!

Here is a video of them just for fun...

Yesterday our friend Ronni (who I have known for like EVER) came to Tampa and she and I went to see Depeche Mode. We had the best time!!! Julie stayed home with the LGs and it seemed like all was going well when Avery put herself to bed and Emerson followed her. Then I got a text that said, "Prolonged crying what should I do?"... it was Avery and Julie ended up getting her up and she was a wild woman running around the house playing with the ball popper, giggling and generally partying it up! till...Julie decided it was time for Avery to go back to bed. Avery screamed, kicked, cried and BIT Julie!!!! BUT, she did finally go to sleep...and Julie "Enjoy(ed) the Silence".

This is my crazy friend Ronni

She brought a homemade Key-lime Pie...she is getting ready to attend culinary school!!!

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