Friday, September 11, 2009

Wallet Boomerang

Usually I blog about the LGs, but I thought today I would tell you about my amazing wallet/purse. In a round about sort of way though this is about the girls. Its about how they have brought forward in me this haphazard mindlessness that I have always had but now it is more me then it has ever been. Its like I am a mental patient that they let run loose. Before I was pregnant, in my 36 years of like, I could count on ONE hand how many times I had lost my wallet or purse and still have some fingers left over. Now I would have to use my toes and maybe a limb or two to make this count...
First off the wallet that I sport is kind of a purse too. I love it cause it is big enough to carry all my crap but small enough that I can toss it in the diaper bag and it matches the diaper bag so chick...

The first time I left it was in an ABC liquor store. I needed some Kahlua to cook with, I don't frequent ABC with the LGs often, but the one time I go I leave my wallet there. They have a police officer that fills out his paperwork there every evening so they asked him what to do. He pulled me up by my drivers license and called my MIL cause she is one of my emergency contacts. He also called me but I did not answer and did not answer when MIL called so imagine what she must have been thinking when she received a call from a cop at an ABC store... I got it back with everything still in it.

The next time I left it in a bathroom stall at 10pm in the hospital Avery was staying at when she had a respiratory issue. When I realized it was missing the following morning I of course ran to the bathroom to see if it was there. It wasn't. I went to the info desk and asked about lost and found. They did not have it. We left the hospital that day. It wasn't easy though cause my parking ticket was in it and I was afraid whomever took my wallet could have stolen my car as well. I had given all my info to the hospital with a description of the wallet. I waited a day or two and it was never turned I thought. I had already canceled all my cards and was also saying the catholic prayer for lost items (I am not religious) approximately 2 months later I got a call from the hospital telling me they had my wallet! Everything was in it except the $8 and the gift cards I had...

A month or so later I woke one day and was going to take the girls to the zoo for a meet-up. While I was getting ready to leave I realized my wallet was missing. The last place I had it was at the Toys R Us the afternoon before. I was running in there to use a gift card I had and did not want to drag the whole diaper bag so I wore Emerson and put Avery in the cart. If I put my wallet in the seat with A she will pull EVEY. THING out of it so I put it in the big part of the cart. When I left I put the LGs in the car and the bag in the car and the cart into the cart holder in the parking lot.... AMAZINGLY my wallet was in the safe when I showed up there at opening time and we were off to the zoo.

Two days ago I went to Lowe's to do a return and I put A in the front part of the cart and E in the back. Well, I cant leave my wallet with either of them for reasons above so I put it on the bottom part of the cart. When I was leaving I put the girls and other stuff into the car and put the cart into the cart wrangler thing in the parking lot. As I was walking back to the car I hear a cart rolling and I knew it was my cart I had just put up. I turned to look and saw the cart rolling back-wards out of the corral and it turned toward me rolling backward to me and there is my blue wallet sitting on the bottom of the cart...

Lessons I have learned: My wallet really wants to be with me. The prayer for lost items WORKS! and ALWAYS put the carts up, its good luck!

If you see this please call me!!! Its mine!


  1. You could just use the purple crayon in the background to DRAW you a new purse, Harold!

  2. You neglected to mention the same day you posted this blog you left your entire diaper bag (including wallet) at the mall playground! Grandma to the rescue!

  3. Well, I didn't want to look like a complete idiot! :)

  4. I'm cutting you a break, Patty. When you're outnumbered, your brain has too much information to process more than 2 things at once, and wallets and diaper bags go to #3 and 4 on the priority list! The first time Richard and I went out with all 3 of our kids (when Colin was about a week old) we lost our camera AND videocamera at the zoo because they were #4 and 5 on the priority list and we barely kept up with 1,2 & 3!

  5. Thanks Sel! It is amazing how it keeps coming back though...