Monday, April 12, 2010

Ay Chiwawa...What A Great Weekend!

We had a busy and fun filled weekend. Julie finally had the weekend off so I think she was wanting to make the most of it after working two week ends in a row.

We started out the weekend by having a weenie roast in the back yard Friday night. Then Saturday we bought some flowers at Lowe's to plant with the girls. Saturday night we packed up some fried chicken and headed to little beach to fly kites and eat dinner. Sunday morning we planted our flowers, then headed over to our friends house for lunch and swimming. See, we were BUSY!

While at the beach we met some very cute little (big to the LGs) girls. I showed them all about hermit crabs. They were afraid of them at first. A few minutes in and they loved them. One of them took one to show her sister and when her sister saw it she screamed. The little girls told her to, "Calm DOWN!" this apparently left an impression on the LGs cause they recounted it over and over and over again. Avery would do a blood curdling scream and Emerson would yell, "Calm DOWN!"
Can you believe I have never flown a kite?
It was soooo much fun!

While we were planting our flowers Avery wanted more water in her watering can and how she said "I more water." sounded just like "Ay chiwawa."

Avery doing a great job of watering the flowers:
Emerson watering the sidewalk...
Sunday we headed to Katy, Pam and Graham's house for play time and lunch. The kids played in a kiddie pool, then we ate lunch and headed to the big pool. In the kiddie pool the kids were jumping and throwing themselves into the pool. We all concluded that if we did this we would have to call 911 and have an ambulance take us to the hospital...where we might not make it. The kids on the other hand had not a scratch!

They splashed so much the pool had to be refilled.


  1. Outstanding! Great Blog Patty! But...Where was "Trellis Guy"? I thought for sure you would at least mention "Trellis Guy"?

  2. He deserves a separate post all to himself, Julie!

  3. Oh fun times! We have to suck every bit of fun out of our weekends we can. :)

  4. I love your blogs, Patty! They definitely bring back memories of my kids at this age.

    If Emerson is scared of a character tell her to check out its shoes since she's so into shoes. Maybe that'll take her mind off the scariness...

  5. Sel, That's a great idea! Thanks!!!