Saturday, April 10, 2010

Busch Gardens

Last week out of no where a friend texted me and asked if we wanted to join her at Busch Gardens for the day. I had nothing on the calendar for that do so WHY NOT!?!

The girls had a great time. I got us an annual pass so we can go whenever we want. They have a new Sesame Street area. The nice thing about this new attraction is there are a few rides that the girls can actually ride! There absolute favorite was this swing ride they could ride all by themselves! The totally loved it...they do have a passion for swinging.

For the first time ever they stood close enough to a costume character to have a picture taken! This has NEVER EVER happened before. Usually they are very excited at the thought of the Easter Bunny, Santa, Santa, Santa...I tried to get a picture with him like every day before Christmas. Never did it happen however.

The Cookie Monster and Abbie Cadabby were there and they cooperated. Maybe this Christmas I will get that elusive Santa picture! Did I mention they have never seen these characters?? Gonna have to start watching Sesame Street so that they have some frame of reference!

We will be making good use of our passes!


  1. awesome awesome awesome! I would never have believed you had I not seen the pics with Cookie Monster and Abbie. Good job, mom!

  2. love your new background by the way. :)