Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lying For Her Sister Already?

I'm getting trained to teach Newborn Care and Breastfeeding Classes for Healthy Start. Tonight was my first night of training. I had a sitter come to watch the girls till Julie got home. I wanted to make sure they were awake before I left so they knew I was leaving. This was a new sitter and the last time they woke up and neither Julie or I was here they FREAKED even though it was a sitter they LOVE.

Being woken up from their nap did not make them happy and they FREAKED when I left. Lily was able to eventually calm them down by just leaving them alone and sitting down reading one of their books. They eventually wondered over and sat down with her to hear the book. This makes her a genius in my book!

When Julie got home Lily told her that they had freaked out when I left and what she did to calm them. Julie said to Avery, "Did you cry?" "Yes." Julie looked at Emerson and asked her the same question. Emerson said, "No". Julie looked at Lily and she nodded yes. So Julie asked Avery, "Did Emerson cry?" Avery looked at her sister and Emerson gave her a look that would kill and Avery said, "No"...OMG did a 2 and a half year old just Lie for her sister????

Julie had to go to the doctor today cause she hurt her knee really really bad. She got home and had a leg brace on so she doesn't bend her knee. She was trying to explain it to Avery. She was telling her about how it keeps her leg straight and telling her about the velcro that keeps it together. The sitter said, "Your mom has a big boo boo and that's a really big band-aid." Avery said, "thanks!" Score one for the sitter!

Later in the evening Julie was telling them where I was. She told them that some mommies have a hard time giving their babies gawk and Mommy is helping them learn how to give them gawk. They were riveted. Emerson asked, "MY GAWK?" She was apparently worried I was giving away her "gawk"

When Julie was getting them ready for bed she let them pick out their own pj's they wanted to wear their fleece footed jammies....Julie tried to reason with them that this is Florida and it's hot. Footed pajamas are not going to be comfortable for long. They insisted and about half an hour later they both started screaming "I HOT!!!!"

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  1. Yup...That's pretty much how it went. Good times...Good times...