Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Individuality...Who needs it???

Apparently not the girls...As I mentioned in my last post Avery has taken to saying, "Help US!" even when it is just her. I keep trying to explain that when it's just her that needs the help she should say, "Help ME!" Alas, my efforts are in vain.

This morning Emerson knew I was getting their clothes out to get them dressed. She came in and made sure I knew EXACTLY what outfit she wanted to wear. Then she wondered off. Avery came in so I grabbed the dress I actually wanted them to wear and Avery was happy to wear it. When I grabbed Emerson to dress her she was NOT willing to wear the dress I had picked she wanted the outfit she had picked. I thought, ok, well they can wear totally different outfits today. Got Emerson dressed. When Avery saw her sister she started taking off her dress and grabbing the other outfit that matched her sister! She insisted on wearing it. So much for that!

While Im on the clothes discussion... the girls have these dresses that are the same but in a different color. The other day I was dressing Avery first and let her pick which color she wanted to wear. Usually I let Emerson pick cause she cares and Avery doesn't and I am usually dressing E first for some reason. Well, when E came in and saw which dress A was wearing she pitched a fit. She wanted to wear the one that Avery was wearing. I told Avery she got to pick this time and Emerson was just going to have to live with it. Emerson was pulling on her sisters dress and crying like the world was coming to an end. I kept having to pull her off of Avery. Avery was watching her sister and suddenly started pulling on her dress as if she was trying to pull it off and saying, "sister". She wanted me to put that dress on her sister. SO SWEET!

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