Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Parks, Parks, and More Parks

We have been very busy lately, so much so that Avery asked me if we could stay home today. So we did. I made it a "No TV" day though. This made the day harder on me then them...oh well, I hate seeing them parked in front of the TV.
We played with play dough, doll house, played in the little pool and colored.

They have 2 new TV obsessions right now. Monsters Inc. and Toy Story 1 and 2. They could watch either of those three movies all day every day.
Last week I took them to Dell Holmes splash pad with their friend Graham. They aren't as big a fans of the splash pads as they were last year. Now, if it isn't an actual body of water they are not as keen on it. I had to get in with them for them to finally start playing in the water. They enjoyed the jungle gyms though!
Then a few days later we went to Kate Jackson and they enjoyed THOSE jungle gyms... We were actually there to meet up with some other moms, but I was the only one that showed. The meet up was for the splash area.... I could not talk them into it. (you would think I would have figured out they weren't that into splash pads at this point...I didn't)
Last Saturday I took them to ANOTHER splash pad. This one was in Zephyr-hills about 50 minutes away. This is where I finally caught on... they wanted to play on the jungle gyms and not the splash pad. I could have saved my self about 45 minutes of driving and taken them to Kate Jackson park... Sometimes Im pretty slow :) BUT, it was nice seeing a bunch of our twinky friends.


  1. Great skin & your music makes me smile! Thanks for sharing the LGs and big G.

  2. Thanks Katy! That song makes me think of Avery :)