Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Floss Is Very Important

Especially when you want to give it to a friend...

Today we had a play-date with Graham. Katy and I planned to take the kids to a free movie. Of course it wasn't completely free as we had to get popcorn, soda, and twizzlers. That's how they getcha!
This morning when I was getting the girls ready to leave Avery gathered some floss sticks and announced that we had to bring them. Thinking to myself, the child is a genius cause we will be having popcorn. I said sure. She then proceeded to tell me who the floss sticks were for. "one for me, one for Emmy, one for Graham."

As we were backing out of the driveway about an hour later Avery started yelling, "My Sauce! MY SAUCE!!!" I continued to back out of the drive and head down the road trying to decipher what she was saying. "Your socks? Your sauce?" She would say no or yes but still continue to cry and pleading with me to go back and get her sauce. HUGE elephant tears streaming down her face. As we were getting on the Veterans it dawned on me...HER FLOSS! So I asked her, "your floss?" She said, "YES!!! go back and get it." I kept trying to tell her we could live without it and could have some when we got home. She was still crying. She wanted to give some to Graham... I finally calmed her by telling her that when we got home I would put a hand full of them in my bag so we would never be without floss. This is how my day started...

I am really bad about uploading my little camera into the computer. I will take pics with it for a few weeks or more and then finally remember to up load them. I did this today and discovered some interesting things on it. One thing is the girls have started taking my camera out of my bag and actually taking pictures. There were a lot of floor and wall pictures but there were some that were kind of interesting too. I thought I would share:
This picture is Avery taking a picture of herself in a mirror:
I did not take this picture... Avery did. Im pretty impressed!


  1. Good job Avery. Love the shot, good composition;)

  2. She had the camera again this afternoon. Gonna have to up-load em and see what she got. :)