Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beach Day...NO PICS!

Had to get the girls out of the house today. Yesterday all I did was take them to Walmart. That's not enough and their nap yesterday was non existent. I decided I was going to take them to the beach.

We had a really good time just me and the LGs, with the exception of some miss steps. I took them to the bay, just for convenience. It wasn't little beach (Citrus Park Beach) though. It was Ben T Davis Beach.

We got there and it was nice and windy so I thought we could try flying the kites. It was perfect kite flying weather! Avery was holding the kite and I wanted to get a picture...grabbed the camera, turned it on 'no memory card'. DAMN IT! Alas, no pictures were taken.

The girls made friends with an older girl and they played together for a while. At one point I thought I would get out the kites again so the 3 of them could enjoy them. I was getting the kite started (looking up, not paying attention to the 3 girls below) as I was going to hand it to one of the girls I looked down at the ground to see a pair of swim suit bottoms. Yes, one of my kids were standing there buck-ass-naked ready to fly a kite. It was if I needed to tell you... The first words out of my mouth were, "who got naked!?!" The girl they had friended proceeded to tell me that Avery had peed. I washed her and her swim bottoms off in the ocean and made her put them back on.

Then as we were leaving I saw something orange on my windshield...PARKING TICKET!!! $30 Apparently you have to pay at this beach... crap!

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