Monday, June 21, 2010

Ghetto Pool Party

We have a new tradition. We call it Family Fun Night or FFN for short. Every Friday night we do something fun together at home. For a few of out FFNs Julie's cousin Christy has come over with her son Cameron. We call Christy Aunt for the girls just cause of the age difference.

Last Friday Aunt Christy came over with Cameron and we grilled chicken. The last few times that Chris has come over we have let the kids all play in the kiddie pool while we cooked. This week I had the genius idea to add the kiddie slide to the kiddie pool. OMG! did they have a great time with the slide.
The only problem with the ghetto pool what I felt like all I did was yell at the kids the whole time, "No jumping off the slide!" "Wait till everyone's out of the pool before going down the slide." "Avery wait your turn." "Emerson don't cut in line." etc. etc.
I keep finding panties in the back yard. If Avery wants to get in the pool she strips down naked. Emerson takes her undies and puts them in play house. If Avery goes into the house and sees a pair in there she throws them out a window...

On Sunday Julie took the day off and we had a great relaxing day in our ghetto pool. Julie got in with the girls. The LGs loved having mom in the pool. So much so that they kept trying to baptise her.


  1. Up your nose with a rubber hose! Hahahaha. Where's the CamFlop?

  2. Ha! I'll try to post it today. I just saw a bunch of grammer issues in this post I need to fix anyway :)