Saturday, June 5, 2010

Swimming, Swimming, Swimming...

Said in a sing song voice. This is what the LGs say when they are practicing kicking in any body of water. It can be a pool, bathtub, kiddie pool or puddle for that matter.

We have been taking swim lessons for the last few months. The girls are doing GREAT! They love the water. For a while they were going back and forth as to who would be brave and who would be scared. It seems as if every other lesson they would switch. Then one lesson it was Emerson and since then it has been Emerson. Avery is no longer scared but Emerson has surpassed her in the swimming capabilities.

They both can swim (not very far) under water. They both know how to "monkey crawl" around the edge to get to the steps. Emerson can jump into the pool and swim to me or the edge. Avery could do this but she is a little scared so she will ask you to stand right up against the wall below her and then she has you hold her hands and she kind of slides in. It cracks me up cause I always think of her as the carefree one, but she is very cautious. Emerson is starting to figure out how to come up for air and tread water. Avery is the master of the "noodle". She will swim around with the noodle for what feels like hours! She also really loves the kick-boards and tells you, "no touching." when she is on one. She wants to do it by herself. Emerson really just wants nothing between her and the water...except maybe the air she is catching when she jumps in!

We have 3 sets of neighbors with pools that have told us we can use their pools anytime we want. But, one set is out of town EVERY weekend ;-) They have practically begged us to use their pool on the weekends. Today we decided to go for it.

After naps we packed up our waggon with snacks, swim gear, Cooper and headed over there.

We had a great time. Watch Emerson jump into the pool and notice how Julie is keeping her eye on everyone (even Cooper):

Yesterday afternoon I let the girls play in their little kiddie pool while I was cooking on the grill. They told me, "mommy, swimming lessons!" I look over and they had one of their dolls in the pool with them giving her swim lessons. I thought 'how cute'. Then a few hours later I went to the pool to dump it and found this:

Dont think they are ready to teach swimming just yet.


  1. What a great day. Love you baby! Julie

  2. seriously awesome!!!!! way to go with the swimming!!!!