Saturday, February 6, 2010


This morning, during naked time Avery came over to me and said something about poop and pointed to the bathroom. I asked, "do you need to poop? Let's go sit on the potty then." We walked into the bathroom and low and behold there was a pile of poop in one of the potties! I can honestly say I have NEVER EVER been so excited to see poop! I was so happy I took a picture. Gross I know, but I wanted to document her HUGE milestone. Dont worry, I wont make you look a the poop picture.

Later in the day. Emerson looked at me grabbed her crotch and said, "PEE PEE!" I asked her if she needed to pee she confirmed that she did. I asked Julie to take her diaper off and help her get on the potty. Seconds later I hear Julie exclaim, "You did it!!! You peed on the potty!!!" So we all praised her everyone got a Skittle and I went to dump the little potty into the big potty. When I looked into the little potty there was a little water in it from the earlier morning festivities, but no pee. She put one over on Julie. She sat down on the potty then hopped up with excitement and declared she had peed. Julie saw the water and assumed it was pee.... little sneak! She has tried to do this to me too, but I am on to her wiley ways.


  1. Love it! I too took poo poo pictures;) I totally showed some of the moms at a mno one night since I had my camera with me. sooooo gross!!! love Emerson's trick. what a little smarty pants!

  2. love reading this blog!! so funny :) i bet it'll be neat to read them again when the twins are older and relive the moments.