Thursday, February 4, 2010

Well Coiffed Moms and TACO BUS!

Today I took the girls to our monthly LLL meeting. I like going because there are other mothers there that are still nursing their toddlers and they are all nice. Today was an especially good meeting...but, it has nothing to do with nursing and everything to do with well coiffed moms and the best restaurant EVER! TACO BUS!

At the meeting there is this mom of a two year old. The child is never there, but she swears she has one, and she talks like she has one. This lady is actually pretty nice and funny. The problem with her is she looks so FREAKIN perfect! Her clothes are always crisp, linen that fit her as if they were tailored JUST for HER. He hair is long and straight, blond and beautiful. She was sitting next to me today. And I could not help but noticed she smelled fabulous and had on gorgeous shoes. Im sure her little girl is in the best preschool money can buy and that is why she is not at the meetings with her perfect mommy.

Today as I reached behind her to get my $1 coffee from McDonald's I accidentally picked up some of her hair with it. I apologized. Then I looked behind her head. When I picked up her hair I uncovered a HUGE knot! I was elated! I said, "I think you have a knot in your hair." She said, "it's probably just static." "No, this is a pretty big knot. Here feel." I pulled it around for her to feel. I proceeded to help her get it out as I explained to her that to me she is the "perfect mom" and I am so happy to see she is just like me. I was running behind because of my kids this morning so I skipped the make-up. She was dealing with her little lovely so she neglected to brush her hair completely. She and I are best friends now. Well, not really but I no longer am looking for a reason to hate her.

Twice I have driven past this place called Taco Bus. I was curious so I asked a girl at the meeting about it and she said it was YUMMY! So she, her kid, another two moms, their kids, me and the LGs headed their after the meeting. The kids had a great time. I think there favorite part waas saying, "Taco Bus!" on the way home Avery and Emerson were both yelling it in a chant. Then it got quiet. A few minutes later I heard Avery whisper, "Taco Bus." as she drifted off to sleep.

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