Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Singing in the Rain... or the living room...

There is a deep love of umbrellas in this house. The girls love umbrellas so Julie found the video of Gene Kelly Singing in the Rain and they loved that. The other night Julie decided to combine the two and the girls were dancing with their umbrellas while watching Gene Kelly actually sing in the rain. The cool thing is you can see them watch Gene Kelly and try to do the same foot work.

Julie started saying prayers with the girls before bed. Neither she nor I are very religious but we are actually both very envious of people who have faith. We want the girls to be exposed to all types of religion and if they are religious great if not that's fine too. ANYWAY... I am actually quite thankful for the prayers at night because the girls look forward to them and literally jump right into bed after them. It's a great way to get them into bed to be tucked in... I think what they like most about it is the saying of all our friends and families name. They will repeat every word. Tonight Julie was saying the prayer and they were repeating everything. Julie said, "and bless grandma, and grandpa, and ummm" and Emerson with out skipping a beat said, "ummm" I busted out laughing.

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