Monday, February 15, 2010

Bear Building and New Foods

For the girls birthday they each got a gift certificate to Build a Bear from their friend Mahogany. Today we met Megan and her little girl Anna at the mall and we let the girls build a bear. Anna is Avery's BFF...seriously, you may think 2 is too young to have a BFF but you would be wrong! One day at open gymnastics Anna and Avery were walking side by side and Anna put her arm around Avery and said, "You are my best friend." It was about the sweetest thing I have ever seen.

By the time we got to naming these poor bears the girls were tired and I was loosing patience so they ended up with the lamest names on earth. "Baby" and "Bear"...sad, I know...

Here is how BAB (Build a Bear) works. They pick a an animal they want to build. They have them on display all stuffed and looking cute, but what you get, that you need to stuff, is a pelt...and quite frankly kinda creepy looking. So they pick that out then a nice lady stuffs it and they put a heart in it. Then you brush it and clean it up. After that you can pick out lots and lots of different clothes and accessories that all add up-to BIG $$$. Lucky for me the girls had just as much fun brushing their new bear as they did picking out an outfit. After that you take it over to a computer and input all your info and name the new addition to your family. It really is quite cute.

After BAB we met mom at Queen of Sheba for lunch. It is an Ethiopian restaurant. I like Ethiopian food and I like to introduce the LGs to different foods. They love Chinese, and Thia. They liked Ethiopian but not as much as the 1st two... They had a good time though.

Here are some pictures from our Ethiopian experience:

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