Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where Is THE Waffle Man???

A friend of mine met me at Lake Eola a few months ago for the Farmer's Market that happens there ever Sunday. She introduced me to the most Heavenly Thing I have ever tasted...a waffle. It need no syrup, you eat it as is and it was about the best thing I had ever tasted! So a few weeks ago we went to Orlando to visit grandma. I started thinking about the waffle I had a few months back and couldn't get it out of my head. We made plans to meet my friend and some of our relatives at the farmer's market so we could all have a heavenly waffle.... the thought awakens my taste buds and makes me salivate. (of course when we lived just 4 blocks away from Lake Eola they did not have the Farmer's Market!)

We get there and let the girls and their cousin Cameron play at the park for a bit then head over to the market. First thing on our agenda was to find the WAFFLE MAN! We walked all the way around the courtyard to no avail. He wasn't there. I was crestfallen. We decided to get some lunch there. We found a nice place to sit and I headed back to get us some food. I went to the first place that looked good. Tacos...While the guy made our tacos I figured I would ask the taco guy where the H#LL was the waffle guy. He tells me he had to go back to Belgium to renew his visa...No freakin wonder those waffles were so good. The guy is from Begium! We still had a great time and some wonderful food...but no waffles...so sad.

Grandma bought them a little hair salon to play with and they LOVED IT!!!


  1. Are you sure he wasn't kidding? Belgium? Really? That's hilarious!

  2. I know, right!?! Sounds made up, but I swear that's what the taco guy told me...

  3. I dont think he was joking...cause he even asked the bbq guy next to him to get conformation. Neither of them cracked a smile. They talked about how the waffle guys wife had to go back first then he had to go something about his visa and him having to go back every so often to renew it..yadda yadda yadda. I mean they had a full on conversation while I stood there waiting for my tacos.