Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fun Night and Truck-in

Last Friday night Julie wanted to have a family fun night so we bought the makings for hot dogs and s'mores. We have a brand new grill, but I have yet to put it together so we roasted our dogs over the fire pit, ate them on our new patio and then made s'mores! I managed to get melted marshmallow in my hair, but that's not relevant. Have you ever tried to get melted marshmallow out of your hair??
Emerson was giggling the whole time we were having our fun night.

On one hand the girls are the bravest little devils then on the other hand they will be so cautious that they miss out on some fun stuff. Avery has some major "patrol monitor" tendencies. She made sure no one stepped too close to the pool on vacation and during the wienie roast she kept saying, "fire hot!" and neither she nor Emerson would get close enough to even hold the stick to roast their marshmallows. Emmy just wanted to eat the chocolate and could have lived without the rest of the s'more! Not me man, I love a good chared mallow!

I mean look at how far away Emerson is standing!

Saturday the plan was that Julie had to work (she is making me clarify that so people dont think she stayed home and watch TV while her kids were out having family fun. And we missed her terribly, but the bills have to get paid)and we (me and the LGs) were going to go with our friends Pam, Katy and their son Graham to an easter egg hunt in Oldsmar.

I have no idea what an Oldsmar is or where it is for that matter. But, when we got there it was this quaint little town with the cutest houses. To bad it's in Oldsmar.
As we were driving upto where the egg hunt was suppose to be we saw people leaving with baskets full of colorful plastic eggs...sadly we missed the "hunt", BUT the Easter Bunny was still there and we asked the kids if they wanted to go sit on his lap. Graham totally ignored the question and ran off to play on the jungle gyms. The LGs on the other hand both enthusiastically said YES!
Katy and I trudged through the mud with them waited in a long line only to have them start crying and yelling, "no mama!" once we got upto the beginning of the line... so off we went to find Graham and Pam.
The park was also having a small fair like thing happening too so we hung around till it opened up and Pam bought the girls their first very own softy serve cone. No, I did not make them share...then again Pam was buying ;-)
We then took them to ride some of the rides. The first one was this thing that looked like a train except it was trucks instead of train cars. We were not aloud to ride with them, but they LOVED IT!!! Emerson actually looked like she was having the most fun then she decided she was DONE and that was it. I had to get her out of that thing ASAP! The cutest thing was she was riding with her arm hanging out of the truck like she was a real trucker (pig tails and all!)
I am so excited that my girls like rides. I love roller coasters and cant wait till they are big enough to go on them with me!!!!

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