Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Zoo's Who!

The day before yesterday after my shower I noticed it wasn't draining. I'm a pretty handy lipstick lesbian so I got out the Drano and let it do it's thing. The only thing is it didn't work...HUH? I have never had a clog I couldn't fix with Drano. I tried the plunger. NOPE. Did discover that the shower and the toilet are connected though. Not a thing you really want to find out when one stops up so does the other...ICK!

I have a neighbor that has been building things since we moved in. A few wks ago he built a shed. Then a gazebo. Then he put together a trampoline. He is always doing something. I went over to his house in search of a snake. Not the kind that hisses, the kind that helps remove icky stuff from clogged pipes. He did not have one but did have something he said was even BETTER! It was this thing you attach to the end of a garden hose put it in the drain and it fills with water then creates a really forceful jet of water knocking whatever nastiness is blocking the pipe right out of the way. Unfortunately for us this did not work. I had to give in and call a professional.
The plumber shows up and has to snake our main line. Meaning he had to go on the roof and snake it. Good thing we have a home warranty or this would have been some big bucks!

When he finally left I wanted to get the girls out of the house. More accurate would be out of the back yard. Since we had a new patio put in it is hard to get them to leave the back yard. I offered "wanna go bye bye?" "No" So being the great negotiator that I am I knew I needed to up the anti. "Wanna go to the zoo?" "YES!!!" So off to the soo we went.

We had a great time despite the fact that the zoo was more crowded then I have ever seen it. Crazy busy!
One of the first things we did was ride the carousel. They love the carousel so much! I thought they we would try riding this little kiddie roller coaster they have too. They dont meet the height requirement to ride it themselves and I wouldn't want them to anyway. We got up to the beginning of the line and I see that the cars only hold 2 people. The girls were so excited they had their little faces sticking through the gate to watch. Sure enough when it was our turn we had to do the walk of shame. So guess what we dis instead...rode the carousel once again.

We also fed the giraffe and they enjoyed that so much. Yet they were afraid of the little birds that you can feed.

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