Friday, July 1, 2011

"Water Party"

The other day while Julie and I were getting ready I can hear the girls in the kitchen. As I walk toward them Emerson see me and comes running at me excitedly and tells me, "we having a water party, Mama!"

The girls have a long standing love of water as shown in this post.

Wanna know what a water party is? I was kind of worried as I could hear the fridge water running. As I rounded the corner trying to keep a happy face for Emerson cause I knew whatever I found I needed to not have a negative reaction.

A "water party" consists of taking any and all vessels capable of holding said water out of the dishwasher. Filling them about half way up with water from the door of the fridge. Then lining them up on the counter "Signs" style.

In this photo I think Emerson was counting them for me....she can only reliably count to like 13 so I'm pretty sure she was not able to count them...

When you run out of vessels in the dishwasher you then move on to the Tupperware out of the cabinet and when you run out of room on the counter you put the vessels on the this:

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