Thursday, July 14, 2011

Strange Love

The first few times I took the girls to the aquarium we did not go up to the very top level, cause they were so little I did not want to take them up the stairs.

On the first visit to the 3rd floor the girls got their first look at the mermaid. The first thing they did was jump on her lap and start fondling her. Avery did her "boob whisperer" move. It's something she would do to me on occasion and I had never seen her do it to anyone else. I assumed it was because I was the only one who ever nursed her. "Boob Whispering" consisted of her running her hand about a quarter of an inch above the boob like she was massaging it or acquiring a signal from another world and she would whisper, "abbba dabba daaaaba...." with her eye almost closed like she in a trance of some sort. Well, she did this to the mermaid the first time she met her.

Today we went to the aquarium to meet another twin mom. The girls had a fabulous time petting the stingrays. We enjoyed watching the otters play. Both the girls got bit by a duck. We played in the sand box and in the water splash pad. Then our friends left. I told the girls we needed to leave too. They did not want to leave so I said, "How about we go up and say hi to the mermaid for 10 minutes then we will leave?" They were like YEAH!

It has been quite a while since we have been to the aquarium...the love for the mermaid has not died!
Petting the stingrays

The duck that bit BOTH the girls.
Why? Cause they both tried to pet it. They then told me to pet it!

The mermaid that has captured the girls hearts...

Avery took her love a step too far...

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