Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sandboxes and Bounce Houses

The LGs b-day was on Halloween. They turned two and I am in denial! I don't waaaaant my babies to grow up! Anyway...enough of my's what we did! We had their party on Sunday so they could go trick or treating on Saturday. The first exciting thing that happened was Grandma bought them a sandbox for their birthday. They LOVE it!!! They get sand in places I had no idea sand could get. The issue with the sandbox is that it gathers dirt, yes dirt not sand and the dirt is black and it looks like cat poo! It came with a cover so I know that it is not, but it's still disturbing.

For Halloween they were fairies and I must say, I think they were about the cutest fairies I have EVER seen! They were so crabby before I dressed them and the minute they saw themselves in the mirror they were giddy. We just went down our street but they were saying "triii o trree" It was so cute. They also would just walk right into peoples houses. Thankfully we had already introduced ourselves to the neighbors so they weren't too shocked! Here's a video of them soooo excited to go trick or treating:

True to forum Avery "vagrant style" took a rest on someones porch.

We had a party for them with just some family and friends. I cant believe my babies have friends!!! I got a steal on a bounce house for the day. It was a huge hit. All the kids jumped their butts off. Instead of a cake I got them cupcakes and we had pizza for lunch. One of the pizza's I got pineapple on it cause that's the LGs favorite topping. I was surprised at how many kids asked for that pizza!
For their birthday they got a Kitchen, some food for the kitchen, two dolls and strollers, a Doctor kit, and some books. They also got a gift certificate for Build a Bear. Im sure they are gonna love making their own bear. They really love one of the books and when I read it to them they ask for "more". It's the I Love You Book.
Here is the chaos that ensued during the party.
The kids loved the pizza and of course the cupcakes!
Here is the bounce house I rented. The kids loved it. It was such a deal too. If anyone in Tampa area needs one ask me for my guys number!

A video of the bounce house fun:

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