Monday, November 30, 2009

Catching up...

I have fallen behind on my blogs lately, I do apologize... These girls keep me busy busy busy... Let's see since the LGs birthday we have done allot.

We went to our cousin Cameron's birthday party. It was very fun. Cameron got a few vehicles and a helmet for his rides. Avery like the helmet and decided to wear it for almost the whole day. She looked like she belonged on the short bus. When she finally took it off her sister proceeded to put it on.

Avery Locked me out of my car two days in a row. Sad, but true. The first time it happened she was in the front seat playing while I buckled her sister into her car seat. I had already turned on the car and the A/C. As I closed the door I thought, "Oh, God. I bet she has hit the lock button." Sure enough it was locked. I tried to get her to unlock it but she did not understand what I was asking her to do. She kept pushing the side of the door where we were pointing. After a little bit of this game she proceeded to climb into the back seat and get into her car seat...I had already called the police. You see if there is a child locked in the car they will send out the police and "Pop a Lock" to unlock your door for free.

This lady who was parked in front of me said she just could not leave me and asked if I thought that Avery would come upto the window if she saw a toy? I said, "I have no idea." So she whipped out a toy and we started calling Avery to the front of the car. She came like a we were holding up a piece of bacon for a dog. So we started again with the "Push the button, Avery" talk again and she reached out and pulled the handle of the door, opening it.

The next day I took them to the park and as I was wrestling them into the car Avery went to the front seat and JUST. LIKE. THE. DAY. BEFORE. I closed the door thinking, "Oh, God. I bet she locked the doors." Sure enough she did. Only, this time she climbed right into the seat. She did not spend any time in the front seat at all. So, I called the police and tried to coax her to the front. She did not go to the front. Instead she climbed into the floor board in front of her sisters feet. She tried to open that door like she did the day before but it was child locked and did not open or unlock the doors. She got frustrated turned around and threw herself on the floor hitting her head on the way down. So now there was NO. WAY. she was gonna get up. She was hurt and frustrated so she stayed there crying till pop a lock got there and opened the door. As I drove away (after turning a few corners) I looked out and say my wallet sitting on the hood of my car. Yep, the same wallet I have lost about a dozen times.

About a week later I was putting Avery in her car seat after a fun day at the Aquarium and as I closed the door I heard the "THUNK" sound of my doors locking. My heart sank as I realized it had happen yet again, only this time it was Emerson on the other side of the window. I started to panic. Then I stopped and thought she pushed that button with purpose. I can get her to do it again. "Emerson, can you unlock the car?" she hit the clock side. So I said, "the other side of the button sweetie." And she did it. She unlocked the car.
Two weeks ago we (me and the LGs) took Julie for her birthday dinner. We went to Columbia restaurant and the girls loved the flamenco dancers. We all had a blast!

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