Thursday, December 10, 2009

Missing Mom

Julie has been working really late for the last few weeks. Most of the time she only sees the LGs in the morning getting home after they have gone to bed.

Last night Avery was playing with her Magna Doodle and she handed it to me. She wanted me to draw her something. I started with a cat. She said "Mom." I drew another cat. She said "Mom!" So I drew "Mom". Curly hair, big eyes, HUGE smile... showed it to her and she seemed satisfied. (Julie is Mom Im Mommy or MAMA as they like to call me)She did the sign for more and said "Mom" again, so I drew her again. After doing this for what seemed like forever I suggested we call Mom. This suggestion was met with excitement so wee went into the Kitchen and called her.

Lately when someone is on the phone the LGs have been clamming up. They get all excited to talk on the phone then they act like they are afraid of it. The same was true this time except when I said to Avery, "say hi Mom." She actually said it, but very softly.

Julie decided to shut down her computer and rush home to see them before bed. When she got home I opened the door for the girls to run out and greet her. Avery gave her a big hug. Emerson went screaming down the driveway. It was the cutest thing.

Julie played with them and read to them. Avery kept kissing and hugging her. She is not usually the kissing type. She likes to hug but she's not that big a fan of kissing. You have to bribe her into it, or tell her NOT to kiss you. That works sometimes too. Needless to say Julie was very happy she came home and saw her kids before bed.

Avery will kiss her sister though...

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