Monday, April 18, 2011

Mermaid Man

We decided to go to the beach on Saturday. Now the girls think that where ever we go on the weekend we have to take Mom's Jeep. That would be fine except there is virtually NO storage in it and I feel like moving car-seats has become a part time job. Time to buy 2 more car seats!

So we packed as much as we could into the Jeep. It looked like a clown car with beach chairs flowing out over the sides.

While there the kids that were next to us started to do a project.
The boy laid down and the girls (pre-teenish) started putting wet sand on him. they then asked us if we had any buckets they could use. We did so we gave them to them. They asked the LGs if they wanted to help them. They were making the boy into a mermaid.

It was the girls idea to add the "bling" on the tail...

Have you seen the photos people have of their feet on the beach with the sand and the water? I was trying to get one of those. I don't think I succeeded...

Avery saw me taking the pictures of my feet and asked me what I was doing. I told her and she said take one of mine! And this is how she posed:

Having a snack...

After the beach we headed over to Rick's On the River for lunch...

The girls made a friend:

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