Friday, April 29, 2011

Didn't Want to Watch

I had had no interest in the Royal Wedding as a matter of fact I was actually annoyed by the attention it was getting....till last night. Julie was watching a show that was recounting the wedding of Princess Diana. I had had no interest in THAT wedding either. If I knew then what I know now I would have been glued to the screen!

A few days ago I walked into the bedroom and Avery was retelling the Revolutionary War: "He was bad. He trying to take our stuff, our candy, our Toy Story guys..." She was speaking of King George. Julie had been trying to explain the Revolutionary War to her.

This morning Avery came into our bed like she does every morning and asked to watch one of her shows. When I turned on the TV, I'm sure you know what was on, right? Yes, THE wedding was happening. Julie told Avery that that was a real live princess and she was marrying her prince. Julie then proceeded to tell Avery, who was VERY interested, who everyone else was. "he is the Queen." Avery, "the evil queen?" "No. Just the queen. That's Camilla, she is the wicked stepmother." I said something about the Abby, and Avery said, "No that is a castle!"

As I sat there and watched I thought it would be really cool to take the girls to England so they could see real castles. If nothing else I think the wedding will help the Brittish tourism. I found myself glued to the screen waiting for THE KISS. This is sooo not me!

The absolutely funniest thing I have seen this morning was a lesbian friend of mine posted a little conversation she and her partner had watching the wedding:
C-"I wish I could have worn that at my wedding."
L-"You would have worn a dress?"
C-"Not that. What HE'S wearing."

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